Newie News

Gerrit gets a hair cut!

june-A 021-b

Isn’t that better? You can see his beautiful blue eyes now!

WAY better than this…

May25-09 090-b

(although, in this light his eyes really show up nicely, don’t they?… and he is rather cute here… and…well, come to think of it… I think he will be cute to me no matter what his hair is like!)

But just so you know… he was okay with the “trim”.  He didn’t want it short, but was ready for it to be out of his eyes for awhile. Bless his heart!

Somehow I think he looks older now. Can you believe he grew 3/4 of an inch in one month? He is now 5′  7 1/2″ and he JUST turned 13!

Not sure I like that he is growing up so fast.


Let’s see… update on the cooties around here.

The one who got it first is doing fine now. We knew he was back to 100% when his humor came back!

The second one to get it is doing better… but still has the lingering deep cough.

The third one is Gerrit… and he is not a happy camper right now.(He still blames his brothers!)  But I must say that he has been SO good about doing all my natural remedies up until a few minutes ago! He say’s after all of this junk he drinks, gargles, eats and smells… he is still producing massive amounts of snot! And… his ears now hurt too.


(um… some of you may think I don’t give them any medication… I do…especially at night so they can get a good nights sleep. But during the day I try to pump them full of natural remedies. All I know is to try and fix it myself first… and if that doesn’t work… I am fine with hauling them off to the doctor!

So… we shall see with that one.

We have babies in the garage.

june-A 006-b

The little Warbler Mama came back again this year and built her nest in the same spot… although changed around a bit since the husband cleaned the garage a few months ago.

My concern is that these babies will meet the same demise as last years babies did. Once they left the nest… and fluttered around on the ground for while to find out how to “take off”… our dogs got them.

Yes. The dogs. I rescued little birds all day last year on Fathers day. Running around the yard and snatching baby birds out of the mouths of my labs. It was awful. I think I rescued the same little guy three different times!

Hopefully one or two of them lived and went on to have a happy life!

So this year we will probably do the same thing. Normally when there is something or someone we don’t want the dogs to bother… we lock them up in the garage for awhile. But not knowing when these little guys are going to be ready for their departure from the nest makes it a bit hard. Plus the fact that the nest is in the garage!

Okay… on to cold and cold prevention remedies.

I have been trying to get a LOT of garlic into the boys – well, into me too actually – and have put it into just about everything we’ve been eating lately. (Thankfully we like garlic!)

The other day I made some Hummus and Guacamole that were inundated with fresh garlic.

june-A 030-b

Then I made chili with enormous amounts of garlic in it.

june-A 048-b

***Okay, let me stop here and just say… I am no gourmet chef!! I cook what JJ calls “the ugly necessities”! No froo-froo here, mind you… I cook to fill the proverbial tanks! And I am no fancy photographer either… so combine the two and… well… I’m sorry… but it just ain’t pretty.

Maybe someday I’ll get better at either or both of those!! ***


I am leading up to the concoction I made for Gerrit today. In my attempts to get even more garlic into him… I made him a “garlic tea“! Yes… I did. (I should have googled it… maybe it’s out there with a better way to make it… Or, I might have found out that you should NEVER drink garlic and ginger prepared together this way!! I don’t know… but whatever!)

And like always… I take what I make! So I joined him.

I boiled garlic and ginger in a pot of water for several minutes. Poured it out into mugs and sweetened it with (lots of) honey. It wasn’t that bad. Really. Gerrit drank two mugs of it! You could definitely taste the garlic… but it wasn’t so strong you couldn’t drink it.

june-B 018-b

june-B 020-b

So… there you have it! And now I’m off to take spinach enchiladas (with garlic, of course) out of the oven for dinner.






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3 responses to “Newie News

  1. Warmie

    Newie house…….vampire free.

  2. I like the new haircut! Although you are right, that second picture was such a nice one too.

    The garlic tea sounds like something my husband would concoct. I love cooking with garlic – the more, the better – but I don’t think I could handle it in tea! 😀

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