june-B 003

Wild bunny by the fig tree.

june-B 009-b

Rowdy, our gerbil. Isn’t that cute that he is sleeping in his tube where we can see him?!

june-A 046-b

Miss Kiki hanging out with me in the kitchen.

Misc. 014-b

These two cuties are BV’s boys turtles. Their daddy found another one by the lake while mowing the other day. Can you find him in the photo? Isn’t he/she cute?

April2 011-b

Princess Lulu waiting for her water to be turned on. It is way beneath Her Roayal Highness to drink water out of a mere bowl like the common pets do!

Yard frog 4-09-b

A funny yard toad! I hope he lived after the husband stripped the paint off the upper deck. I want him/her to stick around so we can have tadpoles in our pond soon! Well, soon is relative.

Surprise Party 035-b

I just love getting up in the mornings and seeing this little buddy, with his bottle brush tail, gathering the bird seeds off the porch!

random 003-b

And I know most of us don’t like spiders… but they really are fascinating to watch. Especially the females while they are watching over their egg pouches. This gal was on my big bathroom picture window… until the husband blasted her and her future offspring down with a power washer.

Don’t get me wrong… if she had been in the house, I would have smooshed her. But… being as she was on the outside of the house, I was willing to just watch and learn from her.


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  1. I’d like to say it’s all wonderful but the only one I really like was the cat in the sink ;0)
    The dog on the floor and the bunny outside!

    So not the “adventourous” mommy type!

    YOur cool like that!

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