Another Step Towards Adulthood

Well, after 7 hours out with my oldest son yesterday… he has a new car! New to him that is!

Honda 1

And no thanks to me really. I was just there for moral support!

After he found the one he wanted we called in the pro!! Daddy!

Darren and I neither one have that “negotiator” ability. We are pretty much here on the planet for other uses. Not always sure what those are… but they certainly are not to wheel-and-deal!

But Dad came to the rescue and helped Darren score on the car that he wanted!

Honda 2

Yaaaaay for Darren!

He is a happy camper today! He couldn’t wait to get it home and take his little brothers for a ride before he went to work.

Honda 3

His beloved truck will stay here… it’s got a lot of history and Darren is not willing to give it up. That’s okay, because Dad really wants to hang onto it too! Always good to have a truck around! They decided that they can tinker with it and use it for Home Depot runs!

It was Darren’s Grandpa’s truck and he gave it to Darren a few years ago. It’s as old as Darren is!

He just got this shell for it last year.

Honda 4

It was a great first car for Darren… but I am glad that he has moved on and bought himself a more dependable commuter car.

And by the way… the guy at the dealership was impressed that we weren’t buying it FOR him. He said he see’s it everyday… parents buying their 16 and 17 year olds brand spanking new cars.

Okay… first of all I couldn’t afford to buy all my boys their first car… but even if I could I wouldn’t.

If you don’t have to work for it… you don’t truly appreciate it. That’s what I believe.

And that’s what I think is wrong with a lot of youth of today. They get so much handed to them… and then they get out into the world and expect the same kind of treatment.

Okay… I’m getting off my soap box now!

Anyway… Yippy for Darren! I am very happy for him!




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6 responses to “Another Step Towards Adulthood

  1. What a great-looking car! I saw from scrolling over your pics that it’s a Honda. Great choice!

    Congratulations to Darren on saving and buying it on his own!

  2. Warmie

    You are such a girl….completely forgot to tell what kind of car it is. ;-]

    Of course, if I were more manly I would be able to identify it by the pictures…..Honda?

  3. Good for him! My parents had the same philosophy about cars. I drove my dad’s hand-me-down Ford Tempo in high school as did my brother, and then we bought our own. But then my parents about-faced and bought us new cars for college graduation. I was shocked…and very grateful as I’ll have that car for years to come!

  4. Wow, very nice. Our oldest got his first car a few years, back, too (A Toyota Camry), also paid for all by him. Good for your son, he looks very happy.

  5. raisingolives

    My parents also made us pay for our first car. It does make you much more careful and just seems to make sense to have the “children” be responsible for themselves at this point in their lives.



  6. Awesome! I recall purchasing my first car… what an experience (not a great one, but one none the less) LOL.

    Congratulations on the new wheels Daren!!

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