My Day In Court

What an experience it is to see first hand how our Government  works!

Wow… it has really afflicted effected me.

Please don’t take this post the wrong way… I love my country and will support it till the day I die! Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But…..G… EEEE… ZZZ!

I had to go appear in court today for the accident… I … had. This is NOT my favorite thing in the world to do, in fact, being out of my element like that is just pure torture. Right up there with tiny spaces and crowds of people all around me!

My sweet and thoughtful oldest son went with me though. And darn’it – if he isn’t just the greatest thing since sliced bread. He is SO good to me.

Well, we were on time… and directed into courtroom A. Then proceeded to wait over an hour for the judge to arrive. She had a good sense of humor – so I liked her right off the bat.

But after her speech about our rights and all that stuff… she sent everyone with a traffic violation to courtroom B. Okay. So we go over there and stand in line for thirty minutes. A nice gentleman came through the line to make sure that we were in the right place, and after looking at my ticket and his chart, concurred that I was indeed in the right place! Yaaay!

So… We eventually get up to the clerk and give her my copy of the ticket and tell her what my plea is. She just looks at me like I’m the biggest idiot in the whole building. (and just so you know… I wasn’t!!) She was so mean, and had me all confused. After much ado (about nothing) she finally said I needed to go see… this other person… I can’t remember what they were called. I asked her how I go about doing that… and she bluntly and curtly gives me directions to another office,  like I should have already known where it was.  (She needed a colon cleanse.)

In my third location… I am told that I need to be in courtroom A.

Now I am REALLY confused.

I explain, again, that I have already been in courtroom A and B… and then sent here to you and now you are telling me I have to go back to A?

Turns out… long story short… this isn’t even my arraignment date. I am told that there isn’t an arraignment date set yet for my case. I explain that the date is right here on the ticket. JUNE 24!!!! She (nicely, by the way) explained to me that they don’t have all the information on the accident yet and so there isn’t an arraignment date even set. So… they will notify my of the date through the mail.

I asked her how I would have possibly known that this wasn’t the right date.

She said, “you wouldn’t have.”

OKAY… SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT… I am told by the officer (at the scene) and by someone at the courthouse (on the phone later), that June 24 is my date to appear in court. I toss and turn all night. I get here. Wait. Wait. Wait. Get moved to another location. Stand in line. Get treated like #@&* then sent to another location, then told that this isn’t even the right day? And… in fact there is no set date on the records for me? And that there is no way I could have avoided all this.


(actually… to be truthful… I only said the first word of that paragraph!)

But you know what? God was so good!!! I had been praying about this for some time now and I really wanted to have peace about this event. I know He is in control and that no matter what happened that it would all work out for His good! Not mine maybe… but His! And I truly was okay with that!

I had a good time with Darren and now feel prepared to do this again in the near future with much more ease and somewhat more understanding about it all. (Although, I don’t know how anyone can understand all that chaos in the courthouse!)

God is so good to me and I am very thankful for my oldest son and his kindness to me, for a car (to have a wreck with) and for a country that at least tries to have some semblance of balance and justice! (Even if it is a little screwy!)

But I’m glad it’s over…  for today at least!





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3 responses to “My Day In Court

  1. Wow, what a day! You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful Son as well. Im sorry you couldnt just get this taken care of today as planned. Many prayers that the next time around is quick and easy for you.

  2. Nagisa

    geez, so sorry you had to go through all the confusion. I’m sure Darren had been a great moral support. Anything to do with authority is, in my opinion, quite stern. Hope it will be over quick next time and someday you can laugh about it.
    I did get a ticket for speeding in PTC. At the time I was dismayed, but now I chalk it up as an unusual experience . Haha..

  3. Warmie

    Man, can you imagine what government controlled health care is going to be like? WOW!

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