It’s Green Here, But Not Because of My Thumb.

More like, because we live in the south!!

Here are just some flowers in our yard. I so enjoy them… although don’t know what they are or how to care for them!

My favorite plant on the whole property had to be uprooted and moved when a new water line had to be put in a few years ago. It was the most beautiful long-stemmed yellow roses I’d ever seen… or smelled! You could smell the roses upon going out the back door! It was the perfect rosebush, and the only plant I truly cared for. Sadly it didn’t make it. Out of almost three acres… the only plant that had to be uprooted was that one.

But here are some of the others that are around here. Maybe you could help me out with what some of them are!

Okay… I know this one… Hydrangea! It has five blooms on it this year! It has taken about four years to get any blooms! As of yesterday the blooms were turning purple instead of this pink.

june-c 024-b

I call this one a Wild Hydrangea,  because the leaves and little pedals are similar and because I found it out in the woods and transplanted it up by the house. Do you know what it really is?

june-c 042-b

These yellow ones are common I know… I see them all over the place. Some kind of lily I think.

june-c 044-b

june-c 048-b

Oh, and these little roses. I would like to know what they are called. It is a delicate little bush and it blooms in bunches of these little pink and white flowers. Not your typical roses. Would love to know what they are called and how to care for them better. They get spotted leaves every year. Oh, and it seems like they want to climb… but were not planted in an area for them to be able to.

And now these… can anyone tell me what these spidery little dudes are?

june-c 049-b

They come back every year and grow pretty tall. We don’t know if they are a weed or a flower!

They have leaves that almost look like marijuana! But not quite.

june-c 050-b

(a… never-mind how I know that.)

And here is my basil plant! Doing real well!

june-c 053-bI love fresh basil!!

And this is inside (for now)… but I am so happy that it is still alive I have to show you!!

june-c 096

This is my lemon tree! I sprouted a seed from an organic lemon.

I really hope it grows up big and strong and gives me LOTS of lemons!

june-c 039-b

And here is my fig tree. Not real big yet, but it has lots and lots of figs on it this year! If I can actually catch the figs on the day they get ripe and beat the deer and ants to them… I may make some fig preserves or something! Any ideas/recipes?

Okay… enough about my lack of knowledge on plant life around here.

Tomorrow will be a long awaited day for us!! We are having some help in taking down some BIG pine trees around our house. It is always a concern when a storm rolls through whether or not a tree will hit the house! It not a matter of IF… but WHEN!

I am the designated photographer and 911 dialer!





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