Movie Days

It’s been VERY hot around here lately. Well, not surprising really…  it is summer time.

This isn’t the kind of weather where you want to hang out outside… unless you’re in water! And since that is not always available… we’ve had to come up with other summertime activities.

One of them is “Movie Day”. Not really something the boys look forward to, but there are some good movies (that they wouldn’t necessarily pick out) that I want them to see for various reasons.

Here is how I’ve gotten them to watch… with interest I might add!

Before the movie, I told them to look for the best lesson in the movie. I said, “What positive message do you think the movie is trying to convey? Then, when  the movie is over, I want a verbal summery of this message. If you are unable to come up with one, you may write a three paragraph report on just the facts of the movie. Just tell me what it was about. So… your choice… verbal summery of the positive message, or three paragraph report telling about the movie.”

Let me tell you… they all have stayed tuned into the movies very nicely! And when someone starts to talk or play with a pet… the others hush them and say “I gotta find the message man… be quiet“!

It has worked every time so far!

Here is our list of movies we’ve seen up to this point:

1. Radio (Excellent movie – showing us that we should treat everybody with kindness and love even if they are different from us. Caused some tears even. True Story)

2. The Straight Road (Pretty slow for the boys, well, for me too, but it had such a great lesson! About an old mans journey to see his ailing brother. True Story)

3. The Legend of Bagger Vance (Good. Teaches us about perseverance, positive thinking and healing from our inner wounds of life.)

4. Simmon Birch (Excellent movie – about a little boy with a medical condition. He’s not treated fairly and yet he teaches others so much through his positive attitude. Just Excellent. Every kid should see it. (Some words that may not be suitable for all families.))

I have more on my list than we will have weeks in the summer to watch!

Here are some of them I can think of off the top of my head:

Sound of Music

Rain Man


Forrest Gump

Akeela and the Bee



Seabiscuit – Americas Legendary Racehorse

Ladder 49

So far they have each been able to give me an excellent verbal summery of the positive message they felt they were supposed to get out of the movie. Sweet!!

Seriously, I don’t have a preselected message that I am looking for them to tell me! I just want to know that they are thinking and absorbing what they are watching. It has worked – so far!

If any of you know of some great movies that we should “preview”, let me know!




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