Post Fathers Day Post

Just had to share with you the card that JJ drew for the boys to give their Daddy.

It is so cute and clever of JJ to capture all the different “modes” of his Dad in this drawing!

drawings 012

I just love it!

Note, in the golfing scene, that the golf club is flying away!!

One of the things I like most is how JJ has been able to put an appropriate expression on his face for each of these activities. So cool!

And here is the inside.

drawings 013JJ redrew the hammer smashing scene, and Guy wrote the rest.

juneT 008-b

Dave loved it!

Harrison was a bit left out here with the card and coffee… none of us knew the extent of his hurt little heart until I found him curled up in a ball crying… and after some “digging” found out that he didn’t have anything to carry into dad, so he had gone to find something and when he came out I was taking pictures and it seemed as though the moment was over. Bless his little heart… he felt like he had missed it all. I was dealing with my own issues and hadn’t even noticed that he had been left in the other room at first.

Poor little guy. I told him that we still had breakfast to give him and that he could take it in to him.

He beamed and got right up!

juneT 009-b

juneT 013-b

It had a happy ending for both of them!

My kids are lucky to have a loving father.




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  1. Awww…. that is so great! Brought a smile to my face. What a lucky Dad. And, what lucky boys to have such a great Dad (and Mom) as well. :0)

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