Having some blah days here lately. Just feel whipped.

Haven’t done anything to make me feel that way really… so… guess it’s just laziness. Humm. There is plenty of house to clean, plenty of laundry to work on, plenty of things on my “to do” list… I just don’t want to do any of them.

But… I did do something today. I made homemade ketchup!

Oh, and then I made homemade BBQ sauce with the homemade ketchup!

Mmm. They were good! Well, they still are good… we haven’t eaten it all up yet.

I have found four more BBQ recipes and will attempt to make them all here shortly. Will find the one or two that are the family favorites and then try canning it. Is that possible? Surly it has to be.

I will post the recipe (or two) that we pick as our favorites, later!

Anyway… that’s my exciting life so far this week!

Hey… I’m not complaining. I’m good with slow and steady!





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2 responses to “Blaaahhh.

  1. I know what you mean about BLAH days. Me too. Let’s just think about all of the drama that we are NOT dealing with and be thankful for BLAH.

  2. It must be the heat. Hot here finally and it just sits on a soul. Whew! Hard to get going when the heat bears down.


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