Old Fashioned Ice Box

Look what I found!!

Okay… I bought it.

JulyC 030-b

Friday, after blueberry picking, I went to an antique flea market with my friend BV. We were looking for a particular piece for her house, but found lots of other treasures as well!!

This is truly my kind of shopping!!

JulyC 032-b

It was pretty dirty, but after a good cleaning and a treatment of Brie Wax, it looks so nice!

JulyC 033-b

I’d love to know more about it, but don’t have much to go on. If anyone knows about these old coolers, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

JulyC 034-b

When we were looking at the inside, my husband noticed some newspaper stuck to the bottom of it that said something about war time. There isn’t enough of the paper to tell for sure if it is actually from that era, so we may never find out. But the cool thing is that we like it and it’s functional! I can’t wait for a deck party and fill this puppy up with ice and drinks!!

A cool cooler for sure!





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3 responses to “Old Fashioned Ice Box

  1. I love old things, and this is real find!


  2. Debbie

    I remember getting drinks out of these types of coolers in country stores in East Texas back in the late 50’s, early 60’s. They were old then! You sure did a good job of cleaning that one up and making it look nice. I haven’t seen one of those in a long time; glad you got it.

  3. Emma

    I just purchased a three door ice box but the inside is really dirty. How did you clean the inside of yours?

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