The Kik-miester

Just an update on the annoying, smelly, hairy, under my feet, perpetual two year old!

She’s here… right beside me… every second… of every day!


JulyB 004-b*A rare moment in her basket… actually obeying me… while I’m in the kitchen.*

And yes… I do love her. I can’t help it. But what was I thinking?

I know…

Harrison has a way about him! If you know him, you know what I am talking about.

But now I am wondering if another cat would have really made that much difference in the smell of the litter boxes.

Cuz… let’s face it… a cat would have been a LOT easier for me.

I do love her.

I do.


I do.

I just can’t move without her moving too. You know? Have you ever had a dog like that? Or, god-forbid, a person?

I am all over the place a lot. And I forget things in the room I just left… so I wheel around and go back… stepping on my “little shadow”. Yikes.

If she happens to get left out of the bathroom when I am in there… she whimpers at the door and I can see her little paw reaching under it! (my kids did that too actually!) And when I come out… in 1 minute or 10… she rejoices like I’ve been gone a week! Silly dog!

And just like a human two year old… when she sees us me picking up the her toys and putting them back in the toy basket… it just makes her want to get them all out and play with them!!! Ugg.

But she is a cutie… in a “special” sort of way!JulyC 023-b

And I’m a sucker for “cuties” and “special”!

I guess in a perfect world Kiki would smell good all the time, not bring sticks and pinecones in the house to chew up on the carpet, shed less (or not at all), stay out from under my feet, never fight with her dogie sister, and never run up the driveway barking at the nice people taking a walk down our street.

But… it’s not a perfect world and I’m sure she could make a list of her own about her human family!!

So… we will be grateful that Harrison has a dog of his own, and I haven’t broken a leg yet from tripping over her!




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2 responses to “The Kik-miester

  1. Ahh so you really understand..she’s a cutie!

    I’m planning on some better pix when the cast is off.

    Cute post 😉

  2. Evan has a little dog that is always right beside me. (Zooker comes to visit, lots). And it is a wonder I havn’t walked on him yet!


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