Brain Drain… again

I just have too much on my mind to sort it out into different posts!

I know that is how it “should” be done, but I feel the need to catch up and move on. So bear with me.

A good portion of this last week was spent cleaning out and going through the class room. Last Sunday, Dave helped me build shelves in the front coat closet (that was just full of junk because we don’t use the front door) and I am using it now for homeschool supplies and games. I love it!

JulyD 073-b

It has helped make room on the bookshelf for books! Just a few more things to get for the coming school year and we should be set. I enjoy the planning, but get frustrated if I can’t get all that I want to teach into them in a given month… or year for that matter.

I also got to go on a mini vacation to my favorite dentist this week. (In case you missed it before… I feel like I’m on a mini vacation at a spa or something at my dentists! Laying down in a nice chair, blanket, cushy pillow, my own music, laughing gas! Hey… find as much as you can to do in there folks… because I am loving this!) I broke a tooth last Sunday and had a crown prep on Thursday. Yes… I am sore, but they are so nice and good to me that I just don’t mind. I know it will be fine in another day or two. Just grateful that it wasn’t any worse… and that we have ways of fixing broken teeth now! Can you imagine way back when they just had to pull them if they went bad on you? Yikes.

The three younger boys and I got to go visit our good friend Sandy and her son Michael this week as well! They used to live right next door to us and we miss them very much. Michael is a year older than Gerrit and fits right in with our family. We have kind’of made him one of our own! And Sandy and I feel like we’ve known each other since we were little. We will always be friends – no matter how far away we live from each other. But I sure do wish she was still next door.

JulyE 087-b

JulyE 190-b

JulyE 225-b

Michael was so good to Harrison. He spent some time showing him how to throw a ball and told me that he would come with us when it was time to pick out a mit and bat for him this fall. So sweet.

The husband and Gerrit drove to Iowa all day Thursday to see his family. Dave’s dad flew out from CA to spend some time with Grandpa (who is almost 102) so Dave thought this would be a good time to get to see his dad along with the rest of his family up there. Quick trip, but a good thing.

And then in other news… we have word that Dave’s cousin and his wife just gave birth to a little girl this week!! This is the first baby girl born into this family since before the civil war! So she is one special little girl! Can’t wait to see some pictures of her!

Well, it is very late and I have to get to bed! I will run through this real quick and hopefully catch any gross grammar errors and spelling mistakes… but no promises… and then off to bed I go.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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One response to “Brain Drain… again

  1. Great job on that shelf! We have a big closet with shelves in it too and it is so helpful just for things like you put in yours. (I posted our schoolroom on my blog if you missed it.) Anyway, I know what you mean about cleaning everything out and getting ready for next year. I feel like it’s going to be Septemeber tomorrow!

    Very cute pictures of the boys. I like your new header, too. :o)

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