Baby Girl Makes History!

I write this post as I wait for Dave and Gerrit to return home from Iowa. They are only about two hours out, near as I can tell. And since this is the most dangerous part of any trip, I am up praying for their safety.

But while I wait… let me share with you a picture of the newest member of our family! The first girl born into this family since before the civil war…

Baby Kaylee

Kaylee Michelle is her name and we are so pleased to welcome her into this family.

She belongs to my husbands cousin, and it is their first baby. We are all very happy for them and glad that mom and baby are both home and doing fine.

Congratulations to Seth and Jill!





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2 responses to “Baby Girl Makes History!

  1. Oh, wow — since before the Civil War?!! Amazing. Congratulations to the whole family — she’s beautiful.

  2. Congratulations. Since before the Civil War? That is really amazing. You all must have some strong boy genes. 🙂

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