One Evening…

The days are just flying by without so much as a nod. Who pushed the fast forward button on life? Sheeesh.

Well, we’ve been keeping busy!

I don’t even remember last week… I just know that I was preparing for our school to start this week!

Friday we headed down to BV’s house for the evening. Three of us couples got together to just hang out and have dinner. Here are some photos from the evening.

JulyE 243-bGuy and one of the new kittens.

JulyE 247-bCould it be any cuter?

JulyE 260-b

This is Skitty. You’ve seen him before. I guess you could say that he is that new little kittens big half brother!

JulyE 268-bSee that rock down there by the water? That is Harris and Tucker on it. I ambled on down and shot some more of them while that sunset was going on! It was a beautiful evening and the boys were nice enough to play along and let me shoot dozens of pictures of them! Unfortunately… I didn’t have it on a good setting. Most of them were blurry. I’m still a newbie at this photography stuff.

JulyE 270-b

JulyE 290-b

JulyE 306-b

JulyE 307-bYea… that’s my boy!

JulyE 308-b

JulyE 310-b

JulyE 318-bThis is the back of their house. We are standing by that rock down at the lake. Now… see that big cloud on the right? It kind looked like a big cave to the boys and I! So I got a closer shot…

JulyE 321-bIsn’t that cool?

Clouds are one of my favorite things! Not really a “thing” I guess, but rather… well… we’ll save that explanation for the classroom!

JulyE 323-bLOVE IT!

JulyE 322-bIsn’t this a peaceful setting? If I had this out my window I might never want to leave!

And if I turn around… this is what I see…

JulyE 329-bOhhhh… I just love those big clouds!

JulyE 326-bWe always enjoy ourselves down at BV’s house!

JulyE 330-bAs we sat out on the back porch that evening we kept seeing things in the clouds over the lake!

What do you see in that cloud formation?

Will post soon about our fist day of school!





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4 responses to “One Evening…

  1. I too love clouds, and find myself looking at the sky often.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. The sky! That is one thing that I miss about living out west. Here in East Tennessee with the hills and the trees, you can’t get a view of the sky from horizon to horizon like you can out west. I love watching the clouds and the ever changing sky. Beautiful photos!

  3. I’ve enjoyed scrolling through and getting caught up with you. Your boys are growing! Looks like y’all are off to a great school year.

    Be blessed!

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