First Day of School

It has begun. School year 2009-2010 has officially started rolling!

Yesterday was our first day… and didn’t go well at all! It started out quite awful actually. Most of it, I must admit, was my fault. I was in an ugly mood. Well, I didn’t want to be… well, okay… let me back up a little.

Sunday evening we were invited to our pastors house for a cook out along with anyone else in the church who’s last name ends in N-Z. We had a real good time and enjoyed seeing all the work he’s done to his backyard. It was very inspirational to me… since he has a finished pond!! It was nice… everything… right down to the food! Most of my plate was filled with homegrown green beans, sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob! But I did help myself to some store bought potato salad (that I took) and BBQ flavored potato chips. I honestly don’t think I ate enough of the chips to have a reaction… but something had MSG in it. I should have been more careful. I had an MSG migraine all evening and all night. Didn’t subside until after school Monday. Turns out… I am not a good teacher, mom or human when I get one of those!

So… although we struggled… we did get through it and it ended well. I am very lucky to have such sweet, understanding boys at times like this.

Our first study of the year is Japan. Of course since we have very good friends that are Japanese and now live back in Japan… my boys want to take a field trip to Japan soon! LOL! Wouldn’t that be nice? “Ya, guys… I can’t even manage to get us all out to California to see our family… but lets take a trip to Japan!” Actually… I’d love to go see where my friends live! Maybe some day.

Well, we were successful in making a small Zen garden!

JulyE 336-b

JulyE 339-b

And we have begun work on a large poster board that will depict all our learning’s of Japan and the Japanese culture.

JulyE 333-b

One thing we know about Japan already… is that we like the food!!

Thanks to Nagisa for teaching me how to make some of it every time she visits us! I will have to find a picture of all the sushi we made one day. It took us about 6 hours to make it all… and about 10 minutes for it to all be eaten. But we had a great time. And for all you who may think you hate sushi because you don’t like raw fish… sushi does not all have raw fish on it. Sushi consists of sweet rice and a filling or topping that complements it’s flavor. It could be raw veggies, tofu, pickles, canned corn, crab salad, eggs… and yes… even raw fish! You can use whatever suits your fancy.

We visited the Oriental Market today and gathered up a few items to make some new dishes this week. We hope to impress Nagisa when she comes later this month. I will have to give you more information on her and the rest of her family soon… but for now… I must go and get dinner ready. I still have to figure out if it will be Japanese food, American food, Mexican food, Cereal food (!! hee hee!) tonight. What it is, isn’t nearly as important as when it is!! The folks around here are pretty easy to please… they just want to EAT!

So… onward-hoe… into another year of homeschooling!





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5 responses to “First Day of School

  1. It sounds like you are off to a great start – msg migraine aside! You are doing such a great job homeschooling.

    My goal was to begin school this week, but Sunday night we changed the plans to delay a week. Just too much going on, and we weren’t ready (or more accurately, *I* wasn’t ready!) I think we’re set for next week.

    Our kids really want to learn Japanese, but we’re waiting until they finish their level 1 of Spanish before investing in another language πŸ™‚

  2. You know I just love knowing that my kids aren’t the only ones who get a sometimes (mostly) crabby sda sahm/homeschool momma..thank you sister!

    Now ..shoulders back chin up as you march in to the daily battle of everyday “raise them in the way the should go” grind..
    Oh no that didn’t sound so encourageing did it?!
    Here let’s try this again!

    Way to go for hanging in there! What a great study! I’ll be sure to bring better encouragement next time πŸ˜‰
    HIS Blessings on your new school year!

  3. You are impressive! I could never teach my kids. I would lose interest, become frustrated, you know, a flake.

    Our youngest daughter, Misty, has Mom-mom school (that’s what we call it). She is a teacher by trade so that helps. Blade, Linki, and Talli are really more advanced than other kids thier ages, and I think it is because of Mom-mom school.

    Good for you!


  4. Nagisa

    Glad to hear you started off your new school year.
    Kaoru learned about America this last semester and he is planning to resarch and make a short report on American money. He has a question, would you please tell him how the states quarter coins started? We do not have the complete collection, but we had fun going through some of those we have. See y’all real soon.

  5. Karen Peckham

    I was doing a google search on Joel Fegarido when I found your blog. i just finished reading all about your Gerrit. wow, thanks for sharing.

    I went to Southern back in the 80’s and remember Joel and Eva, although I didn’t know them personally. I am so sad to hear about the drowning accident. I cannot imagine going thru that loss as a family.

    We live in S. Wyoming and are also homeschooling our 2 kids.

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