Good Friends, Good Times

We had the pleasure of hanging out with some good folks Saturday night. Ever since my husband has been going to a Men’s Bible Study he has been making friends with some of the men in our church. Just so happens that most of those men’s wives are my friends and go to my Women’s Bible study! It has been nice to hang out as couples lately.

August09 074-b

All the kids swam, played hide & seek, ran around outside and played Rock Band on the WII! It’s always good for the adults conversation when the kids are content, happy and playing elsewhere! And we have a 21 year old nanny big brother that loves to hang out and play with them!! (Thanks Buddy!)

August09 081-b

August09 098-b

And NO Dad, there are no pictures of me. That just doesn’t happen when I’ve got the camera. I need to ask someone sometime… but I forget. Sorry.

August09 107-b

The boys got a tour of the property.

I’m glad he has those guys.





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2 responses to “Good Friends, Good Times

  1. Sandy

    That is soooooo exciting! I know Harrison and Kiki are not happy about ‘their’ dirt pile being moved – ha! The pond is getting closer and closer. Love you – can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Sandy

    Helloooooo – you have a picture of you and Harrison on the golf cart…………..tell Papa it was difficult to get that camera away from you, but I did it. (smile) Hi Papa!

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