Here’s the Scoop on the Dirt

Our buddy Mack that cut down some of the trees for us came by on Friday with this little tractor that he had to rent for something else he was doing. He said as long as he had it rented for the day he was going to come over here and get some stuff done with it!

“Nice guy” is an understatement.

He moved all the fallen trees in the front lawn yard. (The grass is gone now! But lucky for us… it grows! It will be a lawn again in no time and we now have more area to be a lawn!) I thought this was all he was going to do, but no… he didn’t stop there.

-b(Bad picture I know… but I was taking it through the window and screen in the kitchen.)

He pushed back the HUGE pile of debris, plus two small cut down trees waiting to be (legally) burned.

August09 028-b

He moved my big pile of dirt around to where I needed it… between the deck and the pond. That was amazing to watch!

August09 042-b

Do you know how many loads of dirt in the wheelbarrow it would have taken for me to move that dirt?

August09 064-b

Then… he even leveled the fire pit area for me! I’m grateful now that I hadn’t started digging the fire pit already. Now it is nice and flat out there and ready for pavers to go around the pit area. A lot of work to do still… but that little bit of grading he did really helped me out!


Thank you Mr. Mack!!!

Sheeesh… I am as happy as a little kid in a candy shop!

Speaking of candy… I made him some while he was out there working and his wife told me later NOT to do that because she ends up eating most of it!!! Okay, so next time I make him something more on the healthy side!

He says I need some more dirt, but to just give him a call when I’ve got it and he’ll come move it around for me! What a nice guy to do this for a friend…  and in this heat?… with one leg? (one is a prosthetic)… kind’a makes me want to adjust my “to do” list a bit.




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