I Stand Corrected!

In the last post I said that I don’t get my picture taken much.. . and I was reminded… that I did get my picture snapped the other day when we were at our friend Sandy’s house!

Yes… Sandy got a shot of me riding along with my “Speed Racer” son Harrison in the golf cart!

It looks like I was telling her to get out of the way of this 8 year old speed demon while holding my precious camera… oh… err… I mean… so you don’t get run over!!


You were right Sandy… and here is proof.

JulyE 217-b

So Dad… when I’m with Sandy I will probably get my picture taken!





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2 responses to “I Stand Corrected!

  1. I PREFER not to get my picture taken. My Nikon hates me. It adds 50 pounds and increases my wrinkles exponentially.

    You look right cute though in your peace tee!

    My son hit a support pole in the basement when he was little and it shook the entire house. I haven’t really wanted to ride a golf cart with him since.

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