A Puddle in my Kitchen

As I pulled out a couple frozen waffles this morning for Kaoru to gobble down on the way to the airport, I noticed that they were a little softer than normal. I chalked it up to having been left out a little too long the day before perhaps and didn’t think about it again until my youngest asked me to make him a healthy blender drink for a snack just a few minutes ago. I had just sat down to post on here about our time with Karou and Nagisa, and to share some pictures of our week together.

As I was getting the frozen mashed banana out of the freezer I noticed that they too were mushy and that the ice is melting and everything is dripping.


So the photos and update of our “Special Guests” will have to wait!

I’m off to call the refrigerator repairman.





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3 responses to “A Puddle in my Kitchen

  1. Czarek

    🙂 I had to read two times, before I understood that the refrigerator had broken down…

  2. Darn! Good luck…I had to buy a new one last year. Love the thing, except the freeze is in the bottom. That took some getting use too.


  3. Nagisa

    I did NOT know you were doing your blog while we were there. You are a multi talented super woman!! Hope your fidge will be swiftly repaired.

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