Our Guests – Part 1

We picked up Kaoru and Nagisa from the airport last Tuesday evening. Stopped at Taco Bell on the way home and got them fed, then came on home to catch up and share gifts with each other! I will share some of the things she brought me in a later post.

My animals seem to remember Nagisa. They remember her husband Yuji when he comes too. Funny how animals know when they are loved!

augustdays 076-bAnd she loves animals. Especially cats!

The boys reconnect with Kaoru just as quickly as if he were out of the country for just a week or so. They truly have a brotherly love connection with him. It is a wonderful thing. We marveled about how the boys have all grown and how they have changed. ie: Gerrit’s deep voice and whiskers, Kaoru’s solid muscle and manly apperance, etc. And then we worked on the schedual for the week.

Wednesday Nagisa and I got to visit our annual shopping cites. Collectors Corner is a large house that has been turned into a wonderful store that has an antique section that covers the entire upstairs. It’s a neat place and we look forward to visiting there every year. (Actually it’s right down the road a bit, but I only go there when I have someone out here visiting me. It’s too tempting to go there on a regular basis.)

We also hit one of the other antique shops in the area and got our photo taken out front.

augustdays 085-b

The boys were happy to just hang out and play their video games. They promised me they wouldn’t play them the WHOLE time, but insisted that they needed to help Kaoru beat the big boss on Monster Hunter so he could be up to the same level as them! Hey… they even sent him the game a month or two before he got here so he could work on beefing up his character for when they all played together. I know… I know… (sigh). But they were some very happy boys!

Thursday, Nagisa got to stalk up on her grocery items. We went to Kroger and Publix and picked out some things that she can’t get in Japan. Then I made an American Thanksgiving meal. Sort of. Nagisa had requested my stuffing… with cranberries and pecans… so I made the meal with chicken instead of turkey. I should have taken a picture of us all that night since it was so special, but I didn’t.

Friday we were all heading off to the Coke Factory in Atlanta, but Harrison and Darren came down with a throat virus (JJ had it last week), so they didn’t get to go with us. Felt bad, but was kind of glad that Darren was the other sickie so he could stay home with Harris. I really wanted to go to The World of Coke. (even if I’m not a fan of soft drinks.)

We had a great time even though we missed the other two boys.

(oops… I thought I hit save draft… but hit the publish button instead. Yikes. I am not done with this.)

Please ~ be patient with me and my mental limitations! I will finish this post when I get done saying hello to my husband who just came in.

*I know… I’m such a retard*


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  1. It sounds like you had a fun time with your friends from Japan! In College I had a few Japanese roommates throughout the years. It was a great way to learn about a different culture for both of us.

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