Our Special Guests – Part 2

Actually, it’s the rest of Part 1, but I hit the wrong button earlier!

Anyway… here are some pictures that I didn’t get inserted in the last post of our visit to The World of Coke .



At the beginning of the tour.

coke day 017-bI like this one!

coke day 006-b

They are thrilled with this part of the tour!

Actually, it is me they are annoyed with. I kept stopping them and taking their picture! I told Kaoru he’d get used to it by the time he left. 🙂

coke day 023-b

coke day 026-bA Japanese Coke machine.

coke day 027-bA whole wall of Coke signs from other countries. I was hoping to get a picture of one from Poland for Czarek! But since I don’t know how to read anything but English… it’s all Greek to me... as the saying goes! You will have to let me know if one of these is in Polish, okay Czarek?

Oh, here’s some more. Hopefully one of them is for you!

coke day 028-b

On to the next exhibit.

coke day 037-b

coke day 038-bAnd this is what they were waiting for! The taste testing room!

coke day 040-bYum. Different Coke products from all around the world for you to try.

coke day 043-bWe all had our favorites.

coke day 044-bAnd believe it or not… some of them tasted just plain NASTY!


It was an interesting experience for sure!

coke day 052-b


coke day 061-bIt was a good time at The World of Coke.

We stopped on the way home to feed some VERY hungry boys. “Where?” you ask.

Taco Bell of course.


coke day 071-b

And here are my two sickies back at home. All Harrison needed was a soda. He was okay with missing all the other stuff! He was just glade we brought him back a bottle of Coke! (And all of you that know me… yes… I allowed my sick child to drink a soda! No… he didn’t need the sugar… but this was a special occasion.  Besides, Nagisa wanted the bottle, but not the drink inside, to take back home with her. He’ll live.)

coke day 075-b

Okay, that’s all for now.

Off to bed!




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2 responses to “Our Special Guests – Part 2

  1. I love the vintage Coke pictures. This looks like a fun place! Thanks for sharing.

    hi-d (the other hi-d)…. 🙂

  2. That was fun! I didn’t know it was there. Maybe someday I can visit in person.


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