Special Guests Part 3

After the coke factory and lunch on Friday, we dropped by to pick up a friend of Kaoru’s. He went to school with Sammy when they were just little guys. Now look at them!

coke day 078-b

Sammy has been in India going to school for the last few years so it has been awhile since they’ve seen each other. Both of these young men are very smart and very good boys.

Saturday, we just hung out. Needed a “chill” day!

Sunday, we went down to my friend BV’s to take Kaoru swimming. That was his request for his last day in America.

augustdaysB 014-b

We also got to see and enjoy BV’s five little kittens again. Kaoru and Nagisa LOVE cats! So it was great fun for all of us. Me on the camera and the rest of them gushing over all the furry cuteness!

augustdaysB 023-bSkitty – the young one from the previous litter.

augustdaysB 030-bMama “Sunny” and two of the babies.

augustdaysB 037-bHere’s Tate holding two more.

augustdaysB 049-b

augustdaysB 046-b


Oh, no… this isn’t one of my boys… he’s not even one of BV’s really. This is her nephew Dalton. I have put pictures of his little sister on here a few times. sunday-4-26-09-Joey He’s a hard one to catch with a camera! But since he was willing… I snapped! And I just love this picture! He’s  sweetie but going through a tough time at home so spends a lot of time with is Aunt B and cousins Tate and Tucker.

augustdaysB 085-bNagisa and Skitty

augustdaysB 088-b

What a handsome kid. He looks a lot like his daddy (Yuji) here.

augustdaysB 177-bSkitty playing on Nagisa’s lap.

augustdaysB 100-bGuy, Bud, JJ & Kaoru

Harrison is off playing with Tucker somewhere.

augustdaysB 146-bOh here he comes!!

augustdaysB 162-b

augustdaysB 181-bSkitty and Nagisa became buddies!

augustdaysB 185-bNagisa is checking for eggs!

This little hen, we found out later, was sitting on nine of them.

augustdaysB 198-b

augustdaysB 213-bSkiddy was a very popular attraction!

augustdaysB 257-bBut when Mama Sunny got done nursing and let us see them again… this little sweetie became the center of my camera’s attention!

augustdaysB 259-b

I have TONS of pictures of her… but these two are my favorites.

augustdaysB 276-bAnd then I just love this picture too! So cute of both “Bandit” and Harrison.

Bandit is the one BV is keeping. She is tiger stripped, but looks like a blob of orange sherbet was dropped on her little head!

augustdaysB 060-bIronically, Nagisa and Koaru have a thirteen year old cat at home that looks VERY much like this one.

Here is a picture of Kaoru and his kitty when they both were little!

n1102225677_30258036_7921Ahhh… smooch, smooch, smooch. Yummy little face! mmmhhha!

We left BV’s with very hungry boys! So we went to the Golden Corral – an all you can eat type restaurant!

augustdaysC 006-b

augustdaysC 010-bSo much fun!

augustdaysC 012-b

augustdaysC 011-b

augustdaysC 008-b

augustdaysC 013-bWe had a great time and miss them very much. We really wish that they were still our neighbors!

Thank you Nagisa for making sure that these boys stay connected with their Japanese brother!

We love you both (Yuji too!) and look forward to your next visit.

“Friends are relatives you make for yourself.”

Eustache Deschamps




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4 responses to “Special Guests Part 3

  1. Nagisa

    Domo Arigato for all you did during our visit!!
    We appreciate your friendship and I am very very grateful for brotherly connection the boys developed over the years. This is the time I believe in God and he had a special intention to plant us next door to y’all. Same goes to other nice people I have met around PTC and Newnann area over the years. Y’all are soh darling!!

  2. Lily

    Heidi, You are an amazing and talented lady. After looking at all the pictures, I am ready to move in with your family. Your life is full of fun with your boys, friends and pets. (I love chickens) You have created a haven for your family. I know everyone who knows you is blessed by your friendship. Next time I see you, I like to have a bowl of noodle with tofu. Missing being right next door to you. I will refer Liz to you and learn how to be a wonderful mom like you.

  3. The photographs with this post were wonderful. Kittens, swimming, happy faces… this was the perfect post!

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