California on Fire – again.

My heart goes out to all those in the area of the fires back in my home state. It seems to get worse every year for fires out there. I downloaded some photos of various fires, but didn’t write down exactly where any of them were. Some in Auburn (near my old home) and some in Southern Cal. where many friends and my “evil” grandmother live.

You are all in my prayers daily. Stay safe and leave if they tell you to. Nothing you have is worth loosing your life over.

God bless the fire fighters and those helping to evacuate people and pets from the areas in danger.







Please keep California in your prayers.




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  1. Wow…those are some amazing photographs! I have a friend from College who is a firefighter that just got back from fighting some of those fires. He was chatting with my hubby on fb today and said that they are getting a handle on them now.

    hi-d too (The Oregon One)

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