Baseball Beginings

Tonight is Harrison’s first practice for baseball. He is so excited.

I am a little nervous for him.


He knows VERY little about the game.

With a daddy that’s more into politics, and big brothers that can’t or don’t play any sports… well, he hasn’t gotten a chance to be around it much.

We will just have to see…

I actually think he’ll love it.

Finally, one of my boys with them sports-a-tude in them!!

(No offense Gerrit, I know you medically aren’t allowed to play. And JJ, I know it just isn’t your thing. You’re a peaceful & funny artist/chef… not an competitive sportsman! I get it. And Darren… you just didn’t get a chance did you? Your childhood went way too fast – with a mother who was very distracted by moves across the country, babies, brain surgeries, new jobs and more. I am sorry.)

So it’s up to you Harris!

augustdaysB 289-b

Make you’re mama proud!

Will keep you posted.




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  1. Good Luck, Harris! And you, Momma, have FUN!


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