Practice = Improvement!

I am still sad about Harrison missing his first game, but I know the world will keep turning in spite of it.

It was a good call to keep him home (thank you husband), because he really didn’t sound good at all Saturday.

But here are some neat shots of his last practice.

Coach Matt noticed marked improvements in his abilities. That was nice!

SeptC 009-cGood catch!

SeptC 010-cWhat form!

(I’m just saying … but truthfully, I have no idea what good form looks like! I just like that shot.)

SeptC 013-cSeptC 014-cSeptC 015-cThis camera is so fun! Just hold down the button and “click,click,click”!

Now I gotta get me a telephoto lens!

SeptC 020-bHappy boy!




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One response to “Practice = Improvement!

  1. Must have been hard to keep him home, but you did the right thing. That orange drink looks tasty, btw!

    hi-d (too)

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