I have made a new friend.

In Poland!!!

I know – eh?

Yes, his name is Czarek. I can spell it now, but probably couldn’t say it correctly to save my life! He has been emailing me and the boys for quite a while now and we have been thrilled with all the pictures and information he is sharing with us about his home town of Konin, and his country.

(I have tried for some time now – and I am unable to change the “type” (bitmap to jpeg) of photo that Czarek sent me so that I can get it on here – but to no avail. I am bummed. I will seek some “professional” help soon!)

We sent him one of our cookbooks and he thanked us with a video message! It was so wonderful! We want to make one back for him, but we haven’t figured that out either! I know… I’m technologically challenged. 😦

He said that his English isn’t very good. But it is WAY better than my Polish! I thought he did a marvelous job of speaking to us in English. He is a student and takes care of his mother and brother. His father passed away when he was six years old. He LOVES to learn and that is very apparent after a couple of emails back and forth.

He then emailed us a recipe that he loves and although I got the stuff to make it the other day, I haven’t yet done so. Since we are studying the American Revolution now, we are cooking colonial type foods this week. But I promise to make his Beet-Milk Soup soon and let you know how we like it! He sent it to me with very nice photos of the process too. I will share the recipe and the photos soon!

I am very glad that we met Czarek and glad that my boys and I now have an opportunity to learn about yet another country on this wonderful planet! We look forward to learning so much more from him.

I will share some photos of Czarek and his town of Konin in a later post. (As soon as I figure out how to change up their “type”.)

Thank you Czarek for your friendship! We speak of you often.




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  1. How fun! My grandmother’s family is from Poland–whom I met in person when I spent 3 months there while in college. (I lived and went to unniversity in Poznan and got to visit Gdansk and Krakow). In our dorm lived a family with a little girl who ran around saying, “Cześć! Cześć! Cześć!” to everyone. We all learned “Hi” in Polish rather quickly. 🙂

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