Here’s How

Some of you asked me to give you the recipe for our noodle soup. I can do one better. Here are some video’s that will show you how to make it!

Thank you Nagisa for showing these to me!

The first one is for the stock, which is called dashi.

Ingredients: water, dried kombu (kelp), bonito (fish. I use dried bonito fish flakes from the Asian Market), Mirin, and soy sauce.

Next you have the noodles and vegetables.

And last but not least, the meats.

I do hope you get some good information out of these videos. I learned some things myself and look forward to the next time we have noodle soup!

Don’t hesitate to leave me a message if you have any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I have inside sources and could probably find out for you!





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3 responses to “Here’s How

  1. I AM IMPRESSED!!! That is YOU! WOW! Thanks I plan on making some!


    • Oh – NO! That is not me. These are NOT my video’s. My friend Nagisa directed me towards these youtube videos. And my inside connection is with Nagisa – not the lady in the video. I am so sorry if I was misleading in my post. Not me. Not my videos. But that is how I make the Noodle Soup. Hope this clears up the misunderstanding. So sorry.

  2. Sandy

    I wanted to ask for this but didn’t – I am so glad others did………………now I need some time to make it! The picture of your noodle soup looked so yummy! Thank you Heidi and Nagisa!

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