Uncle in the Park

Let me see… where did I leave off updating you of our week with Uncle Rick?

Oh, I think the last we talked read hung out, we were in Senoia having a nice lunch at the Redneck Gourmet – eh?

Okay, so we took a stroll around town, and then we went to a neat little park a few blocks away for the boys (and by boys I mean Rick too!) to shed some excess energy before heading back home.

Right after we got there we found this:

SeptF 089

Of course the boys thought we needed to “save” it from its “horrible life”, in this lovely park, full of happy kids so it could come live with us and be chased by two big dogs, one small dog and two indignant felines? Yea… I think not.

SeptF 103-b

She was a very loving and friendly kitty though. Besides being on the skinny side, she was very clean and seemed to be ever so comfortable around people. If we didn’t already have two… it would have tempted me. And I am not generally a cat person. But my guess is that it belongs to someone in the area of the park. Too friendly and nice to be a “stray”.

SeptF 093-b

Never-the-less, there was much begging, urging and pleading talk amongst them about taking her home.

SeptF 107-bAfter a few photos, and hugs, we finally convinced Harrison to put her down and that we couldn’t possibly just take her without knowing who she might belong to. They clearly already had some kind of love-bond-thing going on.

As Rick and I try to comfort Harris, she trots off to give some love to another small boy. Of all the nerve.

SeptF 112-bHarrison is visibly miffed as he gives the kid the evil eye. He thought she liked HIM.

Well, so much for feeling like the “chosen one”!


The boys head off to the merry-go-round.

SeptF 116-b

SeptF 120-bI remember these things!! (Hear Barry Manilow in the background… “Memories… like the corners of my mind… misty water colored memories…” Better that you read me sing this rather than actually hear me sing it. Trust me on that one.)

SeptF 177-bUncle Rick got up on the monkey bars to get this photo:

SeptF 260-bOh, yea… and this one:

SeptF 263-cblovely.

This place had the good kind of swings. You know, the ones where adults can swing on them without collapsing the whole contraption. I was too busy with my camera stuck to my face – for you – to get my turn on the swings. But I love a good swing!!

SeptF 130-b

So does Uncle Rick!!

SeptF 131-b

I love this shot. SO Rick.

SeptF 150-b

SeptF 135-b

SeptF 154-b

Everyone should get a good swinging in once in a while.

Harrison decided to show us how talented he was at jumping out of a swing. Ever do that? I did. Loved it. But it was all about timing.

SeptF 159-b

SeptF 160-b

SeptF 161-b

He’ll need a little work on that.

I always yell “STUNT”!  Harry is an awesome stunt man!

(You have my permission to giggle. He was fine. Got a little sand blasting job on his knee and hip – and maybe his ego – but otherwise good!)

SeptF 251-bHere it is from Ricks angle.

You should have heard me when I got home and saw these pictures on the computer. Tears I tell you. I laughed until there were tears.

I know… hold on. I wasn’t laughing at my child’s twisted, contorted body hitting the sand, (well maybe a little.) nor was I doubled over in hysteria because he almost got an unplanned facial exfoliation! This is what I couldn’t catch my breath over.

SeptF 160-bjLook at JJ from the first shot. You can’t see Guy, but they both had just gotten through telling Harris that he shouldn’t do it. Notice JJ is looking down at him with a… well, almost concern. Maybe.

But in the next shot, you see the “I told you” all over his face as he sees his little brother plant it!!!

SeptF 161-bbLOL!!!

Oh, my.

At least Harrison is a good sport. He got up, (a little shocked) and brushed himself off and ran to the next piece of playground equipment.


I tell ya.

Don’t judge me too harshly… but I still laugh when I look at these pictures. Maybe ya had to be there… but just the whole dynamics of the event. Maybe the fact that Rick nor I even once considered telling Harris not to do it. Or maybe the fact that he was almost boastful about the fact that he could jump out of a swing. I don’t know. But a little boasting can turn into humility real quick when you find yourself on your knees and keeping your mouth shut about safety provides for some awesome photos!

SeptF 183-b

Look… I promise he was fine. A little dirty… but look at him. Fine. Happy.

I wouldn’t have found as much humor in the whole ordeal if he had really gotten hurt.

We had a good time.

SeptF 166-b

SeptF 168-b

SeptF 145-b

Nice beautiful afternoon with the “Great Uncle Rick-ick-ick-ick”!

(that was an echo… in case you didn’t quite get that.)


(we miss him)




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3 responses to “Uncle in the Park

  1. Papa

    That was great, however the Barry Manilow song
    put me over the edge emotionally—in a good way.
    Many, many fond memories of times in a park with
    you and your brothers.
    “Thanks for the memories”

  2. What an awesome photo op! You really got some great shots.

    He really did look sort of twisted up on the ground. I’m glad he’s OK.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, man, it looks like you guys had Waaaay too much fun! Really, is there such a thing?

    I too, LOVE to swing! (another thing in common)…ha ha! What great pictures…I love your sense of humor too. That was really funny and I wasn’t even there…

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