My little Slugger Update

Harrison has had a game now three days in a row.

(I don’t know about him… but I’m tired!)

SeptA 116-cb

Thursday night was his second game ever played. And they won!

The funny thing is that he didn’t even realize it. As he and another kid were coming out of the dugout, the other boy mentioned something about their win, and Harris said “We won?!!” πŸ™‚

We have since showed him the score board and how to read it. But to be honest… I kind’a liked it that way. Knowing that he keeps wanting to play the game not even aware if they win or loose. I know as time goes on and he gets older it will matter more to him, but for now it is all about enjoying the game!! But for now… ignorance is bliss!

He made the first score Thursday night and made a great hit later on in the game that brought two of his teammates home! It was a very fun game to watch. We were so proud of his efforts!

SeptA 144-b

(No, I didn’t get a picture of him sliding into home base because it got dark and I am having “human operational” issues with my camera doing action shots in low light. I’ll figure it out one of these days! In fact all the mom’s turned to me and almost in unison said, “Did you get THAT?”, after the slide! They know I’ve had a camera stuck to my face at every game and actually every practice!)

Friday evening they lost, but played real well. Harrison got a ground ball (playing third base) and threw it to first getting someone out – twice! Good stop, good throw and good catch by the first baseman! Very fun.

SeptA 201-b

SeptA 213-b“Walk’en the dog” or “Dowwwg” in the south!

SeptA 215-b

Today? They lost again, but played against a very, VERY good team. Their coaching was so good that the coaches were giving our boys some tips and helps along the way. I thought they were very kind and helpful to our team. (some parents didn’t see it that way I guess. I’m still a newbie to all the politics.) I think Harris learned some things just watching how well the other team played. Yes, they were that good.

But today was extra exciting for us because Harrison got to pitch!!

He was shown how by our coach last night.

SeptB 138-cb

SeptB 141-b

SeptB 151-b

SeptB 152-b

Since he has never done it before – he has a LOT to learn. But the coach said he has the strength and the desire, it will take practice now to get the “form” down. πŸ™‚

Dave had got to work the score board, so I went up there while Harry was pitching and got some neat pictures.

SeptB 052-b

That’s Dave in there.

SeptB 153-bAnd here’s JJ visiting Dave! Oh… and I found out after the game that while JJ was in there he spit or spit water out of his mouth out the opening. Dave jumped all over him and told him thatΒ  the other teams coach was right below the opening (behind the catcher). JJ felt SO bad. He apologized then, and again after the game as we were leaving. He felt so bad. OOPS.

SeptB 158-cb

SeptB 159-cb

SeptB 161-bbA serious pitchers face!

SeptB 193-bOur little band of misfits, high-fiving the extremely talented (and coached) opposing team, with big smiles on their faces say’s it all!! They had fun.

And so did I!




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2 responses to “My little Slugger Update

  1. Fun pix..our family tried out with the first born..he also never knew or didn’t care whether he won or lost..but sadly we didn’t continue because the games started interfering with Sabbath..bummer everything is on this day!

  2. You are such a fun, supportive, Mom! Your boys are blessed to have you. I love all of the action shots. He is looking like a little pro…Love that Harrison is not that concerned about the winning thing…in time that will come though, and that’s okay.

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