Georgia Aquarium

I am still not done filling you in on our time with Uncle Rick. There is just so much to tell and so many pictures to share that I can’t keep up!

I will make my writing brief today and just show you mostly the photos of our day at the Georgia Aquarium.


SeptG 034-bCan’t you just feel the LOVE?

Actually,  they DO love the Aquarium, it’s me snapping a picture of them every few minutes that they can’t stand!

Except for Harrison. He enjoys it. See? He is smiling! He was finding places to have his picture taken all day!!

SeptG 026-b

SeptG 039-b

SeptG 058-b

SeptG 043-b

SeptG 094-bGiant Manta Ray

Just-so-ya-know, her wingspan is 11 feet!

SeptG 100-bThree of the four Whale Sharks in the tank.

SeptG 115-b“Yes, I know you are not fond of your picture being taken in every room – just suck it up and deal with it! You’ll thank me one day.”

SeptG 140-b

SeptG 233-bPiranha!

SeptG 122-b

SeptG 185-b

“Thank you Harrison!”

SeptG 186-bOops! Looks like Harrison is going for a swim!

SeptG 205-b

SeptG 210-bI think JJ might have been looking pretty tasty! Or is the gator looking tasty to JJ? Humm.

SeptG 224-b

SeptG 328-b

SeptG 249-b

SeptG 260-bThis was Harrison’s favorite part. And if it weren’t for big brother holding onto him by his pants, he would have not just been touching the stingrays – he would have been swimming with them!

SeptG 274-bOh yea – sharks too!

SeptG 287-b

SeptG 301-b

There are some more shots that I want to share with you.

But I am going to finish up this post with one of my favorite creatures! The sea turtle!

I am heading off to bed – EARLY – to nurse another migraine until it departs from me.





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2 responses to “Georgia Aquarium

  1. Great pictures!!! Your comments crack me up about, “Can’t you feel the love…” That is just too perfect. Praying for you, my friend. I hope your migraine goes away!

    hi-d (too)

  2. Pam

    Oh Hi-D! Those were great pictures.

    Do you know I haven’t been up to see the aquarium yet?
    I am going to get up that way real soon to see it though after seeing your photos.
    Great pictures.

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