The Rest of The Georgia Aquiarium Day

SeptG 351-b

Yes, there are more photos.

Bet you thought I was kidding when I said I wasn’t done – eh?

SeptG 357-bI just can’t (in good conscious) keep these to myself!

These little worm type guys were being fed just as we arrived at their tank. Interesting little fellows!

SeptG 367-bAnd these guys are a big favorite with the boys!

SeptG 361-b

SeptI 167-bHow could ya not be fascinated by that?

SeptG 374-bLook how sweet Harris is to smile in all his photos!! Good boy. (I’ll give you your cookie later.) ( Kidding – he doesn’t even like cookies. I know, hu. What’s wrong with him?)

SeptG 376-bUnlike those other monkeys.

See that glare that Harris is getting from Guy? Geeez. If I weren’t trying so hard to get a “good” photo, I would have gone up an smacked’em.

And where the heck is Darren?

SeptG 378-bOh yea… HIS happy mug just makes a remarkable difference in the moment.


They need some professional help.

SeptG 379-bAhhh… here we go! That’s just what the doctor ordered!

SeptG 380-bIt is nice to have an Uncle that knows when to jump in and shake things up a bit!

SeptG 381-bLook at the smile he got on Gerrit! Now if he could only do that and then hold STILL.


SeptG 397-bUncle Rick rewards their behavior with a snack of french-fries!

SeptI 187-b

Getting a penny squashed was a big deal to Harrison!

SeptG 410-b And this kept all the brothers entertained quite well. Go figure.

SeptI 189-b

SeptG 412-bSo sweet! Thanks Uncle Rick.

Well, it was a good afternoon.

I got lots of pictures and got the boys real annoyed with me and my camera.

A successful day.

SeptI 198-bThis pretty much sums up their feelings!


Rick told them to do it. See how they listen to him?

SeptI 193-bThey sure do smile better for him though.



Thanks for treating us to a great afternoon Uncle Rick!!

Great memories to last a lifetime!!

We love you and miss you a bunch.



SeptG 449-b



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2 responses to “The Rest of The Georgia Aquiarium Day

  1. LOL…you have me cracking up! I love that you take a ton of pictures…I can so relate to being behind the camera and having those annoyed faces look back at me…I’m trying to get them to SMILE!!! ha ha…

    Those pic’s of the jellyfish are SO amazing! Beautiful! I hope you’re blowing some of these up and framing them!

    Have a blessed day. Is your migraine gone?

  2. You live in a world of men! You make me smile!


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