Notes From Memphis

This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending one of Beth Moore’s, Living Proof Live events in Memphis, TN! If you have never seen her live – I would encourage you to try. She is so inspiring! So full of life! So funny!

(all these photos are off of my little pocket camera – so not real good.)

Oct.A 010-b

Oct.A 014-b

I went with two of my close friends Branndan and Becky. We had a long drive together and enjoyed the time to talk without kids & husbands (even though we missed them) or chores!

Oct.A 019-b(we were VERY tired here.)

Beth’s presentation was on “What God is Like”, although that was not titled anywhere. That is my title. (just so ya’know)

She showed us in the Bible where it gives us 7 things about God to show us who He is.

Here they are in no particular order:

1- He abounds in love for you.

2. He maintains his love for you – guards it, protects it.

3. He teems with compassion for you.

4. He is scandalously forgiving of you.

5. He is inconceivably gracious towards you.

6. He is abounding in faithfulness to you.

7. He is slow to anger (is extremely patient with you).

This was VERY much what I needed to hear.

If you can go to one, I assure you that you will come away with a blessing like you may not have ever known before. There were 13,000 women (and a few brave men) at this conference and it was overflowing with the presence of God.

Now, I will tell you straight up that I am NOT a big crowd kind of person. DON”T LIKE THEM AT ALL. Some may even say that I am terrified of them. I have claustrophobia and I am also not fond of “meetings”.  So… you can imagine how hard it was for me to “go” into this building with thousands of people all around me, weave through them while trying to stay with my girlfriends and keep from screaming, and then stay in my seat once I got in one. Boy Howdy… they devil was a working on me that whole first night!!! I cried I was so terrified. But I was so embarrassed I chose to hang in there and trade places with Becky to get closer to the “exit” – just in case!

(Look where we were! Fortunately, I am not afraid of heights and don’t get nose bleeds.)

Oct.A 016-b

That night at the hotel I was SO conflicted. I really didn’t want to go through all that fear again the next day, but finally came to the place in my head that said “this is just what Satan wants. You will thrill him no end if you bag-out on this.” I got stubborn – and decided I didn’t want to make him happy. So, I just prayed that I could go again the next morning without all the terror and trembling that I had experienced that evening. Thank you Jesus!! I went and did better. And what a blessing I received!

I found out a lot of things that second day. I can’t share a lot of what I am experiencing with you because it is just too private and too painful. But hopefully one day I can.

This line from Beth Moore was very profound to me.

“We will never forgive anyone else any more than we feel forgiven.”

I have such a LONG way to go, but am glad that I am at least heading in the right direction to total health and peace.

Oct.A 020-b(Downtown Memphis)

We were blessed with a safe drive back home and all three of us were anxious to see our families. What is it with that? Can’t wait to get away from them, but then can’t be gone very long at all and we miss them terribly!

But I am looking forward to being able to go to another conference sometime soon. Can you believe it? Maybe I am growing up after all!



P.S. Harrison had a game while I was gone and they won! Sadly, no one but me takes pictures – so nothing to show you.


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One response to “Notes From Memphis

  1. I have heard so many good things about Beth Moore, but have never been to a conference.

    Sometimes I get that claustrophobic feeling in tight quarters or in undercover parking garages. It is no fun.

    Thank you, Jesus for helping my friend go the following day! I oftentimes find that it’s in those times where we “almost” don’t go to things, where we get blessed the most! Praying for you!
    hi-d (too)

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