A Very Cold Day for Baseball

I don’t know what is up with Fall here in Georgia – but it is WAY too cold for my liking.


Harrison’s baseball game this last weekend was a tough one to sit through.

First of all they had us show up at ten a.m., and then we found out someone had screwed up – there were two games scheduled for the same field! Sooooooo, we were rescheduled for 12.

A few of us headed over to the local McDonald’s to hang out for two hours – get some coffee and stay warm!!

I got surprised by my friend Sandy – who had come to see Harrison play! I was shocked to see her walk into McDonald’s… partly because she had told me the night before that she wouldn’t be able to make it – but more than that – how did she even know where we were?! (Another friend of mine saw her and told her we had gone there.) Sadly, she didn’t get to stay and see the game, but it sure was nice to get a little time with her. It made Harrison feel good that she came just to see him play! (bless her heart -this is her second attempt. Rained out the first time – now this. 😦  )

It was nice to chat and get to know some of the other parents a little better. So, I am kind’a glad that it turned out that way. Okay – well, I’m finding the good in a frustrating situation – okay?

Oct.C 007-b

(Harris is on the far right.)

But the boys had a hard time during the game keeping warm. It was VERY cold I tell ya.

Oct.C 022-bHere is Harrison looking at the coach right after he didn’t swing at a strike. OOPS.

Oct.C 054-cbAren’t they just a bunch of cuties!

And all of us mom’s were SO cold that I finally broke the rules and went & got my Tahoe and parked it close to the field where we could still see the game. We had a great time! We would just jump out and cheer when our own child was up to bat!

(If it hadn’t been windy – we would have been okay. But that wind just went right through ya!)

Oct.C 003-b

There were 6 of us in there – you just can’t seem them all very good.

I sure hope this next weekend isn’t as cold.

I may have to consider taking a sleeping bag to sit in. In fact – I’ve decided that if I could just make some arm holes… and maybe some feet holes… I could just cinch it up around my neck and put a knit hat on my head. THAT should keep me warm in the stands! I think it would be WAY better than even the ‘snugly’.

I know – I’m tired.

I have so much to tell you about – but just no time to be fiddly-diddling on the computer. Want to. Can’t.

But one of these days…






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2 responses to “A Very Cold Day for Baseball

  1. Oh, those boys ARE cuties! I love the car scene. That is great! It’s tough being cold…I don’t like it either.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of the ball players huddled together under the blanket. That is an awesome photo!

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