More Baseball

Another cold day at the baseball field!


Oct.E 087-b

(Sawyer, one of our players little brother.)

Not quite as cold as last weekend – thank goodness – but chilly just the same!

Oct.E 010-b

Oh, and look!! Sandy actually got to see him play this time! This was her third attempt – and rain was forecast. This once I’m glad the weather man was wrong! It made Harris and I VERY happy that she was there. Thanks Sandy. You are so special to us. (I have more to tell you about my friend Sandy… in another post.)Ā  šŸ™‚

Harris was great and made two very important plays. He has improved SO much since the start of the season.

Oct.E 023-bAs third baseman, he got a ground ball and threw it (nicely) to first base getting the runner out. Naturally, I was screaming and not taking pictures. *sigh*

Oct.E 060-bHere he is with one of his hits. See the ball?

Oct.E 064-bHe makes it to second! And yes… that is mud. Muuuuuuuuuuuud I tell you. He was VERY happy to be on second base though.

Oct.E 080-bBrady makes a base hit and Harrison is off to third! Can you see him? His coach is running off the pitcher’s mound and over to be the third base coach. (The coaches only have to pitch if the (boy) pitcher throws four balls – then the batter gets three chances to hit a ball pitched from his coach.)

Oct.E 082-b

Oct.E 083-b

Oct.E 085-b

Oct.E 086-bAnd he’s home!!!

Sadly, they lost. But the kids didn’t care and it was one of the best games they’ve had. The two teams were well matched and the score was 4-5.

But you know what was one of my favorite parts of the game? It was overhearing Harrison and another little guy, in the dugout, trying to cheer up one of their teammates who had just gotten out and was shedding some tears over it. (He is only 6.) It was very cool. šŸ™‚

Oct.E 013-bOnly one game left now. I will miss seeing my “baby” in this uniform.

Well, there IS the Spring! And I know it will be here before we know it.





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2 responses to “More Baseball

  1. Sandy

    Harrison – you are an awesome ball player and team mate! I am so proud of you!

  2. Papa

    Harrison, Papa is so proud of you. I want to see you play. You are a real team player. Keep that spirit alive!!

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