Is it me?


Is it me, or is anyone else noticing that football just isn’t the same as it used to be.

No… I don’t mean that the rules changed or anything like that. Just that there is something remarkably different with the players these days.

I have been trying to watch and get back into it… but I just can’t seem to get my footing.

A game I once loved to watch AND play.

I did go through a quite long period of time where I could have cared less about it altogether. But did something happen to football while I was raising up my babies? Or am I just totally showing my age.

Here is what I see now when I watch the game.


Yea… tude. Attitude.

Not all of the players I guess. But I would say a large number of them.

It used to be a team sport.

Hummm…. I’m not sure. If I am way off… someone tell me different – please.

I really do want to think that I am just seeing things.

So, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me that it’s still just the same ol’e football that it always was. K?


I’d really like to know what you think.




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One response to “Is it me?

  1. hi-d

    I read your post to Rob and he agrees with you. He thinks it’s way different than it used to be…”It’s all about ME, how much money am I going to get paid, or doing a stupid dance in the end zone…” he said.

    Growing up with brothers, as you did, I too played football. It was fun. I have a family full of sports nuts…I like watching from time to time, but am not a die hard…I too agree with you. I think it has really gone away from being a team sport for the most part. It’s sad…

    Sorry…you’re right!
    hi-d (too)

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