Girl Power

You heard it baby… GIRL POWER!

One of my dearest friends Sandy (you just saw her in the last baseball post), came by after a long day at work last Thursday, to put a light fixture in my dinning room/classroom that I have had for almost two years now. It’s been down in the storage room waiting for an electrically talented individual to put it up!

Sandy never forgot that it was down there.

She actually read up on how to install it… and did some similar lighting hook-ups at her own house. Then she called and told me that we were going to install it!

And install it we did!!

Oct.F 014-b

Well, she really did it all… I was just the assistant handing her tools and holding things up for her!

It was such a great event. I’m telling you that I will not ever forget those four hours with my thoughtful, funny and talented friend! What a jewel she is.

It is so much brighter in the classroom now.

Thank you SO much Sandy!


See? I told you… girl power!





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4 responses to “Girl Power

  1. Sandy

    A very fun night!

  2. That’s awesome! So great to have those mechanically minded friends. My bff is that way too…and her name is Shirley…(okay…I know…another similarity…friends with the beginning initial ‘S’)…ha ha ha…one of these days we have to chat on fb. :+)

  3. Yay for good friends and girl power! The light fixture looks great.

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