A Rare Day

It doesn’t happen all the time, but every once in a while we land on a day that just makes me smile.

Everything seems to just line up so nicely.


Most of us woke up happy.

I had over thirty minutes of quiet time to myself before anyone else got up.

It was dark and wonderfully rainy all day.

(yep – that’s a good thing for me! I wouldn’t want it every day, but I do love the rainy days.)

Oct.H 015-b

We had a great worship time.

The boys did their chores without complaint.

Oct.H 010-b

Then they got to work on their assignments while I started lunch.

(Which is our big meal of the day now. At least I am trying it for a while. Dave usually isn’t home for dinner and Darren is always at work in the evenings – so at least we can eat with one of them.)

I had everything I needed to make the meal that Darren had requested. Sweet & sour nutballs and rice.

Oct.H 024-b

And before I was done preparing lunch, Darren came up and was able to spend some time with Harrison – helping him with his math and listening to him read.

(This is so important to me since these two don’t interact or see each other very often at all. The 13 year age difference is kind’a rough on their relationship. So this was good for both of them.)

Oct.H 022-b

Kiki stayed in her basket while I was cooking.

(This is extremely rare. She must have been very tired or something.)

Oct.H 023-b

I even got to sneak a dessert in the oven to bake while we ate lunch.

Yummy Cherry Dump Cake!

Oct.H 012-bJust dump some cans of cherry pie filling into a 9 x 13 and dump a box of cake mix (dry) over the top.

Oct.H 016-bDot with a cube of butter and bake at 350 for 30 – 40 minutes.

Oct.H 019-bI forgot to take a picture of it when it came out of the oven. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But you get the idea.

The boys finished their assignments about the time the food was ready, and we cleared the dinning room (with the new light fixture!) table and ate together in there. (It had been awhile. Since it’s usually just me and the younger boys, we often eat in the living room while I read or we watch Funniest Home Videos.)

They then had their independent reading time while I cleaned up.

About the time that Darren had to go to work, we were all done with school, and the dishes.

So, I got to relax awhile and then get way more things done in the afternoon knowing that I didn’t have to stop to think about making dinner! It’s cereal, quesadillas (sp?) or sandwiches in the evenings now. Anything the boys can do themselves!

The boys also rinsed and put any dishes they dirtied after that in the dishwasher!

(This is extremely rare – but I made a hot pink sign, stuck it in a ziplock baggie and laid it in the sink! It worked! Who knew?)

I even got to download and edit the boys school pictures that I took yesterday.



Except for missing baseball practice (due to the rain) and not forcing myself out to go grocery shopping – it was a great day! Although it kind’of makes me wonder what’s up for tomorrow. Really. I’m a little scared.





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4 responses to “A Rare Day

  1. Papa

    Carol made the nut balls last week when Jeff was here. We love them.

  2. It really looks like a lovely day and you got to do some good cook’n!


  3. I enjoy rainy days sometimes too. That’s a great idea to make a big lunch and then a smaller dinner…Hope today is even better than yesterday for you!

  4. I love rainy days like that, too! So nice and relaxing when it works out just right. The cherry cake looks GOOD!

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