Just so Ya Know~

The last post with the photo of the swan was purposely made blurry – except for the very center of the picture. I did that. My camera is okay!

Had a few questions about that.

My bad.

I thought it was neat, but maybe not SO much of the blur next time!

Here is another shot of it without any blur done.

Oct.C 075-adj-1

And a closeup of the swan (with some blur).

Oct.C 065

This is a little lake in our area, but not in our neighborhood. (I wish!)

I had not ever seen the swans there before, so felt real lucky to get these photos.

Since my pond is nothing but a big mud pit that attracts frogs and bugs, and the dogs think is a big water bowl, I will have to visit little lakes and ponds like this for a while!

Oct.B 105(See how it’s kind’of heart shaped? Not on purpose… but cool – eh?)

Now that the leaves have covered the ground here and it will be cold now… I guess my “work” on the pond will have to wait for the winter to pass.

Life happens.





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2 responses to “Just so Ya Know~

  1. I think the blur is a neat effect. 🙂

  2. I agree with Kristin, I like the blur effect. It looked intentional…gorgeous photos. The swan is just so beautiful and I like your little heart shaped pond!

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