I am sad to say that my computer died last night. I didn’t get to witness the event. It was quite done when I arrived to the scene. Not much of a mess. No. I think it went rather quick in its final stages. However, there were signs of some internal problems for quite a few days beforehand.

***RIP – oh ye pain in my a$$ – and yet much desired electrical device.***


I had almost gotten all my photos off of it, but still had three months left to get.


I can only hope that my PC doc. can retrieve them for me. If not… well, lets just say that you may just hear me scream... all the way to where you live!

So… I will get on the old desk top here to check in now and then, but I won’t be “on top of” my blogging for a while.

I think only two of you care… but I will be back as soon as I get it fixed or (cross my fingers) I get a new one.

Didn’t I JUST go through this?





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3 responses to “RIP

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry hi-d. I hope you’re able to get the rest of those pictures. At least it’s better than the our Music Pastor’s computer, which burst into flames today at the church office. It was his music studio computer and fortunately was contained in his office.

  2. Sandy

    From one of the two who cares…………..Walmart has a Saturday sale Nov. 7 with a $298 laptop. Might be worth checking into. I miss you when you don’t blog.

  3. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    So sorry, we won’t like to hear you sceram all the way here. Hope you will get the situation undone soon.
    May your old PC rest in peace…(woldn’t want it come back to haunt you)

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