The Getaway Part III

After a great first day and an evening of playing games and star-gazing, we woke up to a beautiful Fall morning. Our plan, after coffee and doughnuts, was to go hike up to Anna Ruby Falls nearby.

XNov09 187-b

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

XNov09 150-b

Wow! Caught a smile on Guy’s face!!

XNov09 167-b

XNov09 181-b

XNov09 177-b

Harris – always eager for a photo opp! Humm, I wonder if he’ll become like Guy when he’s a teenager and scowl at the camera. And yes, as a matter of fact, he is wearing the same clothes he had on yesterday. He packed light. *motherly sigh*

XNov09 164-b

The water was so clear and refreshing.

XNov09 168-b

XNov09 171-b

One of my favorites! And Guy is smiling again! I bribed him with candy. (kidding)

XNov09 174-b

XNov09 190-b

XNov09 196-b

XNov09 205-bb

XNov09 217-b

XNov09 214-b

The sun was bright – we were concentrating on keeping our eyes open!

XNov09 228-b

JJ just tries to humors me… and my photography obsession.

XNov09 239-b


But Guy is thoroughly sick of  this camera (and it’s operator)! Tee-Hee…

Guystop! Look this way! Oh no… not that way… go back to where you were. Perfect! Okay. Cock your head just a little to the right… yea… a little more… oh, noooo too far. Oh yea, yea. Right there. Now bring your chin down… Yea… okay now… smile. SMILE. SMILE! That’s your best smile? Okay… forget it.” 


XNov09 241-b

 Fun, fun, fun!

He’s fine. Nothing turning 14 can’t cure! (13 was bad for me too.)

XNov09 232-b

It was a pleasant hike and nice to be in so much of God’s creation like that.

On the way back into town we stopped at the lake that these falls go into. The boys didn’t want to get out of the car, so Dave and I walked down a little path to see this:

XNov09 244-b

 XNov09 248-b

XNov09 250-b

 Those boys missed a great photo opp!  😉

XNov09 243

 It was a beautiful day in my life. Time with my family away from all the “stuff” that home provides. Some of it is highly overrated – I must say. Being out in nature just does something good for the soul. And I want – desire it more often. Take my T.V. – give me a river.













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One response to “The Getaway Part III

  1. OH. WOW. You really got some stunning photographs. What a perfect setting for a family ‘photo session.’

    I never know which son is going to show up when I start snapping pictures… the brooding boy or the ham. Always an adventure.

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