Truly Christmas

Well, this years big event is behind me once again. Time to start thinking about next years centerpiece! (Kidding… kind’a.)

For those of you who don’t know about my “handcrafted centerpiece obsession”… let me tell you what I do it for. Our church has a wonderful dinner for the ladies of our community to start off the Christmas season in the most possitive and peaceful spirit possible. It’s every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  We provide dinner and a program and all the proceeds go to a local charity. (We actually collected for four charity’s this year.) And the women in the church – who want to – host a table (or two or three) and decorate it real nice, set the table with their own dishes and decorations. Then they are in charge of getting the table(s) they host filled with ladies.

I only did one table this year because of making all the favors for the almost 300 women in attendance. (See about my angel magnets here.)

This year I did something I’ve never done before… I made a fondant cake. Or a cake with fondant. Or is it a cake and fondant? I don’t know. And actually, there was no cake at all. It was rice krispy treats! WAY better than cake anyway. And a lot easier to carve shape create “turn into” something!

So, here it is… the process of my angel cake.

I bought a doll at the craft store. I wrapped her in plastic wrap, and tied up her hair. (to keep it clean and out of the way.)

Then I made some yummy rice krispy treats. Three batches actually!

I began packing it around her… and yes, I left her undies on… it just didn’t seem right for an angel to go camando. I don’t know…


Anyway, I molded and shaped it until I had it about the way I  wanted her dress to be. (Note to self…give her a waist next time!)

Then, I made the fondant.

It is a marshmallow fondant that my friend Sandy directed me to. She’s made it more than once and said that it is much easier than most of the regular fondant recipes. Plus this one tastes good!

Just look at those “yummy white cushions of love” as my son JJ calls them, melting with some real butter!

I didn’t get any photos of me rolling out the fondant or putting it on my doll form – because… well,  my hands were busy! But just trust me that you too could make this fondant too! It was actually pretty fun!

I had made paper patterns of what I needed to cut out of the fondant for the dress. It was like dressmaking 101 the other day. Me with a pencil stuck in my hair – trying to do with two hands what really requires four – wrapping and cutting and marking the paper to make the dress pattern!

Well, I was at least close! A few minor adjustments, but it came out close to what I wanted.

One of my frustrations was the fact that I couldn’t get her to hold the banner like I wanted. (she just wouldn’t cooperate!) I didn’t think of this in time, but if I were to do it again, I’d rip off her arms and glue them back on her in the position that I wanted them. You’d have never known! But… that thought came just a bit too late.

Her banner says “THE KING IS BORN”.

And here she is with her halo.

This is her on the table at the Truly Christmas event.

This is the first time ever that my boys and Dave helped me set up the table. Of course, they were there because I made them show up to help the men of the church set up all the tables and chairs! But they did – and did a good job. Then they wanted me to hurry and get done with my table so we could leave and go to a movie!! But I don’t care so much why they were there helping me… it was just nice to have them there putting thier two cents worth in. 🙂

You won’t believe this, but I forgot my camera that night. Well, it was in the car… but we have to park at the church down the road a bit to make room in our parking lot for our guests, and it was raining. I’d have had to take the bus back over to the other church and run through the rain to get it – so I just asked our pastors wife to send me some copies of her shots. Thank you Debbie.

But since I didn’t have my camera, I didn’t think to have her get a picture of Dave and my two middle boys that were there that night as servers. They looked so good all spiffed up with their Christmas ties and all! And they did an incredible job of helping (the rest of the men in our church) to serve nearly 300 women that night.

It was a wonderful night. Good friends, good program, good food, and good times!

Oh, and for those of you back home that haven’t seem me for a while… I’m a brunette now!


Yea… so were all my friends that came that night. Some of them had trouble finding me!

Oh, please… it’s just hair!




 ***OOOPS! I forgot to mention that you put a layer of buttercream frosting on the rice krispy treats before you lay the fondant on it. It acts as “the glue” and is a very important step! Sorry. 🙂



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7 responses to “Truly Christmas

  1. Amazing cake/centerpiece! I could not do that. I’m not patient enough.

    Oh and I love your hair!

  2. Sandy

    The table and the night were very special as always! Thank you so much for letting me use the angel for my Christmas party! I am a very lucky girl (when I am 70 will I still be calling myself a girl – curious?). Mom and I had a wonderful evening! Love you!

  3. The angel is SO beautiful!! I am going to check out the fondant recipe (I foresee a “Add to Favorites” moment in my future).

    Your hair is awesome! You are a pretty brunette!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! That centerpiece is amazing! Fantastic job, Hi-d, really.

    You look so pretty as a brunette!

  5. Heidi,

    You are so creative! You did a great job! I love your writing style…it cracks me up. I can totally relate to it. Pen/pencil behind ear and all. We have to be sisters, born from another mother, separated at birth. Btw…you look Gorgeous in that picture!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    hi-d (too)

  6. That is absolutely beautiful. And I think your table looks fantastic!

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