Boys and Baking

My – oh my… if only you could see my kitchen right now. Can you imagine what it might look like after a tornado? Yep… that’s it! That is what it looks like. Except that after a tornado you probably wouldn’t have a plate of delicious maple-ginger cookies sitting in the middle of it all! Mmmmm! I love their yummy goodness! Now, if we can only keep from eating them all so we have some to give the neighbors!

We did have a good time, and oh, yes… they will be helping to clean it up.

We are on a sanity break right now. (Mom was ready to crack!)

In between rounds of cookies going into the oven I showed them how to gift wrap a box – like my dad does it. Right! Grant it, mine are not as annal professional as his are, but better than the average bear anyway. They each had their own go at it, and… well, lets just say it’s a work in progress!


I meant to post this right away. Like while I was on my “break”. But someone came up and wanted to eat something. I stopped to go in and help them make a space (read: push dirty dishes to the side.) and I got caught up in it all and decided that we needed to make a nutritious “meal”.

SO… three hours later… here I am again. We I made Tuscany Chicken & Pasta with Fresh Spinach. We ate and the boys cleaned up the kitchen. (Read: they emptied and filled the dishwasher in their own male species way.) I just got through “finishing up” after them!

During the cooking of the chicken – I dropped a dome glass lid for a big pan – and it shattered all over the kitchen. Whaaaaa. The boys were good about helping me clean that up and felt real bad for me loosing that piece of equipment. Harry was in charge of keeping Kiki out of the area so she didn’t get her little feet cut and the other two got shoes on and helped pick up the big pieces and then sweep and vacuum. Nice – eh?

Now I need a Valium – or two.

And since Dave is gone on a business trip to southern California for a few days… there is no break in the near future.

That’s okay. Life is a journey. We just climbed a little cliff! Pretty soon we’ll be on top of the mountain!!





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4 responses to “Boys and Baking

  1. You are so funny. I know what you mean by a sanity break. I need those from time to time (often) – ha ha…I got in the cleaning mood today and dusted all the knick Knacks on our bookcase and rearranged stuff, vacuumed and did about 10,000 loads of laundry and still haven’t showered…ha ha…it was a good day though.

    Take care…I’ll join you on top of that mountain and we can eat some cookies!

    hi-d (too)

  2. Sandy

    Life is good!

    Well, for me it could be better ….. Oh to still be next door – those cookies sound yummy! I really miss getting to sample all your delicious creations. Love you, miss you!

  3. You deserve a trip and to sunny California is a nice trip. Of course you aren’t cold, but the energy will be different there.


  4. Oh, we are going to tackle cookies soon, too. Not sure I am ready yet! Your boys sound like a lot of fun. 🙂

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