Vashti No More II

Okay, where was I before being interrupted by the hungry natives?

Oh yes, I called Becky to ask for guidance on where to start my mission.

Off I went with more dread than excitement. I don’t know how to put it so some of you can relate. I do know that some of my girlfriends are similar to me and will get the “dread” part right away. But others of you, and some that I love and adore, might find it hard to understand. Maybe try thinking of yourself going into a store full of things you don’t understand – be it a hardware store, an art store, an electronics supply store, or just think of anything that you are NOT into and then walk into a HUGE building full of thousands of them – or things to do with them! There… feel that? That is what I feel like shopping for a foofy dress. Not to mention the shoes…

Oh Lordy. Shoes. I don’t hate shoes. I rather like to have something over my feet to keep them warm and covered. COVERED being the prime function here. It’s just that ever since about 7th or 8th grade I’ve had gargantuan feet (to hold up my gargantuan frame) and finding shoes is just plain and simply – a chore. 

When I arrived at the department store – to which I had never been before – I was immediately overwhelmed with all the glittery dresses. Long, short, every color of the rainbow. Some with straps, some without. Some even had just ONE strap! Whatever. I grabbed a few to try on… and… then…  made an emergency call to Becky.

“There’s just SO MANY” I whined. She arrived about 20 minutes later.

We did have a good time. Becky LOVES this! I was no longer in charge (thank goodness) and I was leaving everything up to her… except I could veto one of her picks if it was itchy – or yucky in some convoluted way. (Ya hav’ta make sure you have those loopholes or you might end up wearing an itchy-stiff-foofy-frilly look’en hot pink thing. Naw – I trust Becky and she wouldn’t do that to me! I don’t think.)

She and her daughter Emily brought me dress after dress… after dress. Hours I tell you… and nothing really stood out as “the one”. It was getting pretty comical. The choices were getting slimmer and slimmer and my stamina was waning. Plus I had to pee real bad. Don’t ya just hate to try on clothes when you have to pee? I hate that.

Well, finally Becky walked in and said “I think this is the one”. When I opened the door to do our trade – the “no’s” out and new picks in – I just saw a pretty plain look’en, simple black dress (comparatively speaking). As I was putting it on and mumbling about how they must be running out of dresses out there… and how bad I had to pee by now, I opened the door for her to see… and both she and her daughter gasped. It was a good gasp and none of the other dresses received a gasp… so this one must be “the one”! I looked in the three-way mirror (not fond of those things either!) and saw that right away it was me. No froo froo… just a nice, cute black dress. Great! Can I go home now?

Becky teared up… she said let me tell you a little story now. You will just not believe this. She said that as she went out that last time to find another specimen for trial… she prayed a little prayer. “Lord, you know what Heidi needs to do here. You know whether she is to go or not, and I know that if you want her to go that you have a dress here for her. She is doing so good and hanging in there so well, but I see that she is getting weary – so please Lord, show me her dress.”

The next one she picked up was the one. Only one. In my size. AND…. the clincher… it was on sale!


I’m serious.

Is that God or what??????

Thank you Jesus! (cuz I really had to pee)


Can you believe it? We all had goosebumps! It was just awesome! Becky was all teared up and then I got teared up and we hugged… ya know… I’m still a girl… just cuz I don’t shop well… I still have feelings ya’all. I couldn’t wait to tell my mom how it all happened… I KNEW for sure that she’d cry! 🙂

So… then we were off downstairs for the shoes. UGG.

That was easy though. They only had ONE pair of my size in a dressy shoe. Sold.

So, there you have it. My little black dress story!

And now I will tackle the packing and making sure I have all that I need to get ready for this. Planning out the boys being taken care of (Emily volunteered to stay with them until Darren gets home from work! Thank you Emily!), and doing my nails and toes.

My husband is very happy that I’m coming and knows how hard all this is for me – so is very appreciative. I feel like I am no longer Vashti. I said “no”, but then went anyway. I wonder what would have happened to her if she would have done that?

Oh, no… I’m not taking the credit here… it was my mother and Linda that inspired me to “go forth”! And it was Becky and Emily who dressed me up! All I’ve done is be willing, and I didn’t even do that very well. But isn’t it that way sometimes with God? He has is all worked out for you… but ya just have to be willing!

I’m not so nauseous now. I know He’s in charge of this trip.

~ Thanks Mom, Linda, Becky and Emily! ~

Some of Linda’s words: 

‘If you decide to stay you need to be comfortable in that decision. No wailing or pounding of walls.

Either way…it is your time of growth. Times of growth are always hard. Just look at your children.’

(Hopefully we get some pictures I can share with you.)





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4 responses to “Vashti No More II

  1. I’m proud of you. 🙂

    That dress, *the* dress, the $39.99 pricetag sounds like just the confirmation that you needed that God was leading. Isn’t He good?!

    I’m sure you will work out all the details, with His help. Maybe you’ll even enjoy the event! I can’t wait to see some pictures.

  2. WOohoo!!! I SO love when God steps in and makes things right (and how it is usually after some effort on our part.) Thank you so much for sharing this story, it was a blessing to me as well.

  3. I get what you’re talking about and am SO proud of you for going. That was totally a God thing with the dress! I love how GOD works!

    I’ll be praying for you and we better get to see some pictures!!! Or else… 🙂

    Love ya,
    hi-d (too)

    Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proversbs 3:5-6 NKJV

  4. Oh! Good! You got the dress! And it’s a dress you feel comfortable in, which means you will feel beautiful in.

    I can hardly wait to see photos!


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