My Mount Everest

Well, I didn’t fall off my high heels and tumble-down the stairs with my dress up over my head – so in my opinion – the black tie dinner was a success!!

And the big guy was very happy that I made it there!

We met at Regan International airport. He came down from New York and I came up from Atlanta. He waited for me at the airport so that we could share a taxi to the hotel. (Thank you honey.) We had plenty of time to chill out and grab a sandwich before we started getting ready for the evening.


It was a very big event. About 700 guests in attendance. Secret service everywhere and I got to shake the hand of the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, among others. That was cool… but I didn’t know who he was until after the event when my husband went over all the folks I’d met, telling me who everyone was. See, at the reception part, it was SO LOUD that I couldn’t really hear what anyone was saying. So I just smiled, shook hands and said “nice to meet you”, hoping-against-hope  that they were not actually asking me a question.

I did use the wrong knife at one point (to butter my bun, not hack my way out of the room!) but then so did half the people at the table I was sitting at! There was a lot of silverware. Man. A lot.


 The “reception” part I could live without ever doing again. I know it is just to rub elbows and all… but my idea of hanging out would be sitting around a fire pit in boots & jeans and drinking cheap wine! But whatever… I guess I can do this once or twice in my lifetime. Besides, the program was very interesting, the food was good, the company was delightful, and my husband looked hot in his tux!

All-in-all it was a good night.


Here was the view out of our hotel  room.

(We didn’t get to walk around the mall and see all the monuments – no time. But I am planning to go back and take the kids for that someday.)

You know… it makes me feel so special to think that God cares so much even about these little things in our lives. Like finding a dress, making it on a full flight (standby), keeping me from falling down in three-inch heels and making sure that we got back home in time to go to my dear friend Sandy’s Christmas party the next day. He is so good to me!

But like I said… the best part of this whole adventure was that it made my husband happy. He knew that it was a major effort on my part and he really did appreciate it.

And like he said… I climbed my “Mount Everest”… and lived.

Who knew?





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5 responses to “My Mount Everest

  1. Awesome, Hi-D!!! Sounds like a great night, and you look so beautiful in your dress! I’m sure your hubby was thrilled that you went with him.

  2. You did climb the mountain and you looked ravishing! I am so proud of you! To step beyond one’s comfort zone is extremly hard, but you did it!

    You did it!

    And you are harder on yourself than necessary for you really are beautiful! Inside and outside!


  3. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    After reading all your emotinal tumoils in finding a right dress ( You DO look gourgeous!) and all, I did not have a word to cheer you.. So Happy you lived through it. Like you always say, it will be another good memory in the days to come.

  4. I love that last photo of you and your hubby at the table. I hope you blow that up and frame it! You looked fantastic…and I bet your husband was thrilled to have you there. It is inspiring to see you move out of your comfort zone and you did it! Thank you! It helps all of us…cause we all struggle.

    Keep on Keepin’ On…
    hi-d (too)

    p.s. I actually used that glitter spray on 2 different occassions. The first time was for a possible craft project for school…ha ha…Rob didn’t mention anything about the smell, so he must not have noticed…but since he reads my blog and my comments, he did ask about your comment…ha ha…too funny! 🙂

  5. Sandy

    I agree that you and Dave at the table is a keeper – I want a copy! :o) I am so proud of you – I know this was a huge challenge. Love you girl!

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