How To Serve Turtle

Well, it’s time for me to pout about how fast my little JJ has grown up now.

He turned 12 yesterday.

(I swear… I just had him!) In fact… just not too long ago he looked like this:

And in between then and now, there’s been some of this eewy-gooey-squishy-sweetness:

Actually, I am grateful for all my boys and that they are growing into fine young men… it’s just hard to believe that that much time has gone by so quickly! And every year just seems to get faster.

Well, there’s no stopping it, so… might as well party and celebrate it!

Soooo… JJ is 12… and last night we threw him a small but VERY fun party. His good friend Tate got sick at the last-minute, so he wasn’t able to come, but Tate’s little brother came  and so did our old neighbor boy Michael! (And the mom’s Branndan & Sandy) We had a blast!

First of all we got to eat some of Daddy’s Pizza! It’s just the best!

Amazing stuff!

The one on the right is one of my favorites – pesto with sun-dried tomatoes! Mmmmm. Thank you daddy!

While Dave was busy with the pizza’s I was frantically trying to make more fondant for the turtle cake. See, I thought I was being all prepared and organized the day before the party by having everything ready to go so I would be out of the kitchen for Dave to do his magic – but I had messed up the fondant and didn’t realize it until I went to decorate the “cake” Friday afternoon. WAAAH! I had to make more fondant… AND decorate the “cake”. With Dave making pizza dough and trying to cut up all the veggies on one small counter, and me kneading fondant (VERY messy) on another… it was pretty comical – with shots of cursing sprinkled about! 🙂 (we have a small kitchen.) But we managed to get it all done and no one got stabbed or burned!

And I did get the cake done in time – barely.

And after alllllllllll that – we did this:


…murderous I tell you. It’s just not right. Murder.

But before that, of course, we did this:

And the type of people who eat turtle heads… they just can’t be trusted. Nope. Scary folks, really.

We played charades and LOVED it. I just made up some activities, careers and Bible characters on slips of paper and we didn’t play by all the technical rules. We had quite an age gap going on… 8-46, so it was easier this way.

So fun!

Oh what hilarious fun!!

We think we are going to make charades a family birthday tradition!

And as far as the “cake” goes… we loved the look of it, however it was just too sweet. A dab would do ya! Well, the rice krispies treats on their own were fine, but with the buttercream frosting as the “glue”, and the marshmallow fondant… it was just way too much for us. We couldn’t even finish the little turtle!! So we were talking about making a vegtable “cake” for the next birthday! I can make some sort of an arrangement out of cut up veggies and then have some ranch dip as the “frosting”! Weirod, I know. But the guys were pretty excited about it until they started to think about what their friends might say about “their mama” (said like Johnny Bravo), if  that instead of the expected sugar high at a birthday party, they get veggies and dip! We’ll see!


I really like these guys. They’re such a hoot.

 We just missed Tate & Tim. (and that is a soda in Bud’s hand – not a beer! Although, he’s old enough.)

 These two nutballs didn’t even want to play charades at first. They were being “shy”. But after they did it once… they didn’t want to quit! By the end of the evening they were doing little “charades” together for all of us. They were so funny!

It was a great night and I hope that JJ’s 13th year is as good as his 12th birthday party!

(I missed his suprised look – so he did it again in slow motion!)







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2 responses to “How To Serve Turtle

  1. What a great time was had by all! And that cake was just the best!



  2. Happy Birthday to JJ!

    Looks like a great party, and the turtle cake was super cute.

    Enjoy your “little” boy – next year he’ll be a TEENAGER. Ack!

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