Super Eggs

JJ still talks about being a chef when he grows up, but he isn’t in the kitchen as much lately as he used to be. However, if the chef mood hits him… he is a great help in the kitchen. And his dimple actually adds flavor to all the food he makes. 🙂

Not long ago, I needed someone to make breakfast while I did something very important. (I don’t remember what I had to do – but I’m sure it was VERY important!) JJ stepped up to the plate stove and made some scrumptuous eggs and toast!

He added chopped turkey bacon.

I just love it when he cooks!

I can’t wait until he’s in culinary school and is practicing at home on us!! Mmmm.

That will be fun.





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2 responses to “Super Eggs

  1. I’ve been falling behind on following blogs lately. It sure looks like you’ve been keeping busy with all of the birthday parties and yummy food. You and your family seem to have the best fun!

  2. I think it’s neat when men cook. My grandfather was a wonderful southern cook. He cooked before WWI and he cooked during WWI and he cooked for the rest of his life. He most fav-o-rite thing to make was breakfast. Yumm.

    Great job!


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