Brain Drain

Been way too long since I posted anything on here… and consequently, I now don’t know what to post about. I have a mental list in my head of the things I want to “share” on here, but in reality… you don’t need to read any of them to continue living your happy life! So… my dilemma is, do I try to catch up, or forget the past and focus on the present?

I don’t know… I just tried to make a poll to see what YOU want. But it wouldn’t work because of an error. Go figure.

Forget the poll. I already know that my parents and close friends would like to see photos of the boys at Christmas. And my bloggy friends would probably like to see my “how to make cute stockings out of old jeans” post, and random visitors have already logged off!

I will try to get some pictures posted soon.

But every time I get on the computer I am lured away with an evil, addictive, time-consuming, totally awesome architecture program that my husband bought for us the other day. I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is SO fun. And productive too. Because we are going to soon turn part of our garage into a mud/laundry room, it is a valuable tool. I have been able to set up the space the way I thought I wanted it, and “live with it” for a while… then make the changes I see that it would need. All this BEFORE you start to build it! Awesome I tell you!

And paint color. Oh, don’t get me started on that! (I need a support group.) You can try all the colors of the rainbow… and then some!

I will get some pictures of my design up soon!

But right now… I must go clean off my pantry shelves to make room for a new (to me) hutch that is coming this evening!

So much going on over here that I am having a hard time keeping up.

But I did just read a post by Clover Lane that has me inspired to start on my new years resolution TODAY. She suggests to pick just one word or phrase for a resolution instead of “a list” (that I won’t keep)! Go see her post here. And my word for the year 2010 is SIMPLIFY.





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2 responses to “Brain Drain

  1. I so can relate to you, Heidi. I too haven’t blogged in a while and was struggling today with what to do, so I posted pictures of Christmas.

    That program you’re talking about sounds really cool…can’t wait to see some designs. Fun, fun!!!

    I like your word, “Simplify” that you chose. hmmm…I’m going right now to read that post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    I finally finished the workload for this year yesterday and I am feeling very good, cuz baked your muffin this morning. They are very nice, thank you! Yuji gobbled a couple and Kaoru does not know what is waiting on the table yet. Poor guy has done his share of workload, attended his intensive study course which kicked off on Christmas eve and lasted until yesterday throughout the weekend. (This is the one he got for free) We, Japanese, will have collective days off this weekend.
    Very excited to know you are finally getting your laundry room make over. Just take it easy!!
    Happy New Year and happy new laudry room to you!

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