Mud-Laundry Room

I’m so excited about this project that I can hardly stand it!

My “laundry room” now is a closet out in the garage with the washer and dryer in it. And they are hanging on for dear life – bless their cold steel hearts. But I refuse to get new ones until they can be in a cleaner and safer environment! Well… that time is getting very close.

Like I said in an earlier post, Dave got us a Home Designer program to mess with and come up with our final plan. This program is SO cool. Dave made our whole house on it. When you do a floor camera walk-through it looks totally like our house! Only virtual style.

It is a bit addicting. But I don’t worry too much about that, I usually change up my addictions now and then anyway…

Here are some of my designs so far. It’s hard to get the whole room in one shot, but you will get the jist. Oh, and there are some things that I just can’t get this program to do – like stack the washer and dryer – so you will only see the washer there. But just use your imagination and put the dryer on top of it!

Here is the floor plan. Soory it’s so small. I think you can click on it to have it come up a bit bigger.

This color is too dark for me – but Dave likes it. I am not sure of any colors yet – even for the cabinets. I just haven’t found anything that turns my cranks yet!

I’ll have a poll for you to take at the bottom of this post to see which colors you’all like better. Just run your mouse over the photo to see what the name of the paint color is.

Different angle. See the washer in the right hand corner?


 The white circles you see are recessed lights. And there are two hanging red pendant lights over the island.

Anyway… just some of the ideas we’ve got so far.

Now vote for your favorite color – out of these.

The poll application is still not working for me – so leave me a message with your vote.


Will keep you updated on the progress.





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2 responses to “Mud-Laundry Room

  1. Yuji, Nagisa & Kaoru

    Cool!! I can see jusst how much you can be into this project. I like what they call country comfort, if it means anything. I do like red pieces scattered here and there, which kinda connect to your kitchen. We had just enough snow to make rooftops dusted white this new year eve.
    and Happy anniversary !! Dave knows what tickles your fancy!

  2. Sandy

    I love the design. I had a dream a couple of nights ago about the new kitchen with the wall moved over – it was really nice. Are you working on that design too?

    I like the dark green walls. That’s my vote.

    Where will the dogs sleep? That is my question. I don’t see their bed in there?

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