Country Christmas Stockings

Years ago I made these stockings from some of the kids old jeans and plaid flannel material. I love jeans, and flannel. So, I like how these all look and convey each family members personality.

I drew up a pattern and then sewed the flannel as the backing. Then either make a flannel pocket or use one from the jeans. On JJ’s stocking I was able to use that part of the jeans – so had the pocket on it already. Actually, JJ’s has a belt on it too because I made all the stockings right before he was born and we had named him Jonathan… then in the delivery room we changed it to Jarrod! So, I had to add the belt to cover Jonathan and write Jarrod on the belt! Made Harrison’s for him years later.

And as you can see, the jeans were very used!

I bought cute buttons and hot-glued them in various places. Used a  fabric paint to write the names.

And on mine, I added some lace to make it more “girlie”.

So there you have it. Another way to recycle jeans.

And if you get started now… you can have all your family’s stockings done for next Christmas!




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