No Exterminator Needed

I don’t mind having these bugs in the house! They are great fun.

A friend of mine got these nifty little HexBugs for my boys. They have been having a great time making mazes for them.

They vibrate on little rubber legs that make them go.

I read some reviews on them at Amazon or something like that and they were very mixed. Some folks said that they were a waste of money and didn’t do anything but vibrate. Well, all I can say is that those people didn’t have much of an imagination. Cuz these boys have made countless mazes and even had races with them.

I asked my friend where she got them because we wanted to give some as gifts. She got them at Toys R Us, and we found some at Radio Shack. Their about 7.99 each and they come in several colors.

Pretty neat little things. 

Even LuLu likes them!

And they were all these boys needed to get some creative juices going on a rainy afternoon!






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2 responses to “No Exterminator Needed

  1. Those little bugs look like a lot of fun! I think my big boy of a husband would have loads of fun with them!

  2. Oh! That is cool. Where do I find such a critter? I would like to get one for Bladen and Linkin.


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