Mud/Laundry Room Update

Just some more designs for ya. I am getting the design itself narrowed down… but the jury is still out on the color.

There are so many greens and so many golds… and I like them all.

Floor cam. This one is about as close to being my favorite as I’ve gotten.

Well, it sure looks like a freaky movie scene on this shot! It got all squished or stretched somehow. The door straight ahead is actually to the kitchen – not the woods! But since I’ve not made (drawn) that part yet, it shows up as a door to the woods! 

Remember- there will be a dryer on top of that washer over there!

Sure does need a rug or somthing doesn’t it?

This venetian gold (floor cam shots) color on the walls is very similar to what the kitchen is now. I don’t know if I am just comfortable seeing that color on the walls or if I really like it.

I am SO looking forward to this being done!






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2 responses to “Mud/Laundry Room Update

  1. Some day I will get new floors…like this spring! I can hardly wait!


  2. Cool CAD’s…Can’t wait until you’re finished! 🙂

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